Fall 2011

Personal Finance: Here is a resource that we will be utilizing. Please bookmark it as it will be part of our semester work:


Computer Apps: Please read through the syllabus you have been handed. You are responsible for bringing a signed copy of this with you to your next class. We will go over our assignment procedures and methods of contact and assignment submission.


June 6th-10th

Computer Apps: All exercises up to PPT 22 are due by Wednesday.

Here is the link to the Sketchup Skatepark Exercise:



Business Startups-Link to Elevator Pitch Presentation is here:


Tues and Wednesday will be used for Business Plan Work.

Thursday-Group 1 Elevator Pitch (Bryce, Emery, Still)

Friday-Group 2 Elevator Pitch (Everyone Else)

All Business Plans must be turned in on the day of your final, Tuesday of next week, 9:55-11:25 A.M.

Radio Station-We will meet immediately after school on Thursday in the Radio Station.