May 29th-June 2

Remember that your Publisher Menus are due on Monday latest.

1st and 4th Period will work with Excel. Also if any of you have video that you would like to upload, I would like to finish the week out with Microsoft Movie Maker. Obviously this video must be appropriate for school. Or you can search the web for wmv format video to load into the program.

You will be receiving study guides for the final exam next week. If you have a question about your status as an exempt Senior with an A average, please see me with any questions.

7th period. We will be working with Antics next week. We will work on your installation on Friday the 30th.

Not too much longer before you embark on summer vacation.



Due to an unforeseen absence, I have had to modify the planned schedule. Please read and follow as you will be expected to turn these in:

Thursday and Friday: Continuing our work in Sketchup. You now have the choice of two projects:

  1. Create your own school or a recreation of LUHS with lobby and rooms. You may want to take a look at the school’s web page for a photo of the front of the school. OR
  2. Create your own town. 50% of the town will be constructed by you and the other 50% can be taken from the 3-D Warehouse. This will be due at the end of class on Tuesday. Remember that Monday is a holiday.

If you finish your town, then you are to move on to the Microsoft Word project that I have left for you. This is not an optional assignment.

*****Remember, Sketchup is a free program. You always have the option to download it and work on it at home if you fall behind. When you are in class, you are expected to work on the projects and utilize your classroom for intended assignments.

May 19-23rd

Monday-Work on Sketchup Skatepark

Tuesday-Move on to Sketchup Tennis Court

Wednesday-Skatepark and Tennis Court are due at end of class today. If you finish, you are to move on to the Sketchup Animate Project. For help on using this feature of sketchup go to the tutorial in Sketchup and follow the instructions for adding scenes.

Thursday-Continue work on Sketchup Animate Project. I am looking for students that have access to a mini-dv movie camera. If you don’t we have a few at the school that we can utilize.

Friday-Tech Talk and start work with Microsoft Movie Maker software.

Monday-May 26th-Memorial day-No School!

Tuesday-Move to Movie Maker projects. Due middle of next week.

I am looking for several benchmarks or goals for your movies:

  • Demonstration of editing prowess
  • Creativity
  • Evidence of Thought and production considerations
  • Inclusion of music/sounds.

I feel this is a fun way to wrap up the semester and I am also open to suggestions.


Go see this movie!For May 15th & 16th

1st period-Reattempt your home in Sketchup. If this does not work, please move on to the skatepark assignment. This will be due on Tuesday. Due to activity period on Thursday, we will move our tech talk to Wednesday of next week.

4th period-Tech Discussion on Thursday. Tech writing piece on Friday. If you finish, please move on to the skatepark assignment.

7th period-Tech Discussion on Thursday. Tech writing piece on Friday. If you finish, please move on to the skatepark assignment.

Trivia: As of May 16th, how many school days are there for seniors? All others?


Five Weeks Remain

GimpA few of you have failed to get your work in on the due dates. While I consider myself fairly understanding on the time front, I am assessing you a 15 point deduction for every date that you are late. For some, this might mean a grade of 20 out of 100. Much like the workplace, you are expected to meet deadlines. Failure to do so, means repurcussions. Please don’t be surprised if your progress reports reflect the lack of punctuality. Somehow, I told you so, doesn’t quite cut it.

May 12-16th

Monday-Workon Completion of Alice world.

Tuesday-Alice World is completely due at end of class today!

Wednesday-If you have not completed your Flash project (drawing a head and animating it), you must have this done by end of class Thursday.


Thursday-Tech talk and possibly an Introduction to Gimp. Gimp is an open source program that has many of the same photo manipulation features of Adobe Photoshop. To get an introduction to layers, please go here:

Friday: Continue to work on Gimp. Here is the next Gimp Project if you finish:

Take this picture

Gimp activity

Now you are to change the color, size and background using Gimp. Also, add text to the ball.

This is due at the end of class on Monday.

Six Weeks Left

WOW! I am constantly amazed with the creativity being demonstrated by many of you in the Graveyard exercise and the other activities. Please keep it up as it makes the classroom environment exciting and humorous. A new feature in Alice is the Custom Character Creation mode. If you go to the end of the people objects menu there is an option for he builder and she builder. Create yourself or your classmate and drop them into a world of your own making.

GraveyardPlease remember that when you miss a class, it is your responsibility to ask about makeup work. If you miss a quiz, an assignment, or anything else, you must see me. Here is the tentative schedule for the next few weeks:

Friday-May 2-Tech Current Event Discussion-COMPUTERS OFF!!!!!

Monday-May 5th-Continue Alice Graveyard

Tuesday-May 6th-Graveyard finishes up

Wednesday-May 7th-Tech Current Event Quiz-Start work on your own world. Remember that I am looking for as much creativity as possible. This is the time when you get to demonstrate everything you have learned through trial and error, tutorials and questions.

Thursday-May 8th-Work on your own world in Alice

Friday-May 9th-Work on your own world. After finishing, please save as I will be grading them. Then move to this link:

and complete using Flash MX 2004, found in the Macromedia folder on your computer under Start Menu, Programs.  This is strictly an introductory piece.

Monday-May 12th-Last minute work on your world. Finish the head exercise in Flash MX.

Tuesday-May 13th-Animating in Flash MX 2004. We will work on this each week as we also try to touch on other programs before the end of the school year.

Wednesday-May 14th-Most of you have been working fairly hard. Surprise Technology. We may do Flash or we may do Picasa or we may do Lego. Please let me know what your preferences are.

Thursday-May 15th-Continue with above

Friday-May 16th-Continue with Above

Monday-May 19th-Plan on finishing your Sketchup Home this week. I am hoping our server is finally fixed to accomodate this.

 Remember that May 26th is Memorial Day.