Computer Apps:




Personal Finance:

Monday-Discussion of Advertising and Propoganda Methodology and assignment. Assignment must be in complete sentence format and is due on Tuesday.

Closely Connected to the movie we will watch is this story about the nexus between pop culture and advertising as well as their influence.

Tuesday-Turn in assignment and watch propoganda movie.

Wednesday-Finishing Propoganda Movie.

Radio Station-Thanks to everyone who raised money and participated in the Lock-In. See you next year.


December 13-17th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Working on Credit Card Design.

Tuesday-Finishing Credit Card Design. These are due at the end of class today. Please print any material that you have in conjunction with this.

Wednesday-Discussion of the income sensitivity link from last week. Everybody is expected to participate in this discussion. Go back to last week’s entry if needed. THIS STORY IS 48 MINUTES LONG. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO DO THIS FOR HOMEWORK IF YOU CAN’T LISTEN DURING CLASS.

Thursday-Advertising and Marketing Unit Begins.

Friday-Introduction to classification of advertising and first assignment.

Computer Applications

Monday-Finish Facebook discussion and viewing.


Wednesday-EX 20 & 21

Thursday-EX 22 & 23

Friday-EX 24 & EX25

Radio Station: Lock-in will take place on the 17th. Please remember to bring signed consent forms, your pledge sheet and any funds you have collected.

December 6-10th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finishing Maxed Out Movie. Expect questions over this tomorrow.

Tuesday-Answering questions for Maxed Out and starting credit card comparison assignment.

Wednesday-Quiz over Credit Material. I would study notes taken from last week’s power point presentation on credit as well as the NEFE bold blue definitions from Chapter 4. When finished, please work on credit comparison assignment.

Thursday-Credit Card Design Project Begins. This will be due at the end of class on Tuesday.

Friday-Credit Card Design Project work continues.

Also, we will be briefly discussing the idea of Income Sensitivity. Please access this link by the date of December 15th. Your participation in this discussion will be graded. Here is the link:

Computer Applications:

Monday-Finishing Open Book Quiz-First 10 minutes of class. Then, move on to EX13 and EX14.

Tuesday-Snow Day

Wednesday-EX 15& 16

Thursday-Finishing EX 15 & 16. When finished, move on to EX 17

Friday-A look at Mark Zuckerburg’s recent media appearances. We will access this via 60 Minutes. Link is here:;contentAux

Very important: We will discuss this on Monday. You are expected to be prepared as you will be graded on your knowledge. If the link does not work, Google  the term, 60 minutes, Look up Video and Then Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Radio Station: Listen for announcements about Radio Station meeting. Ideally, we will meet to discuss things before next activity period, which is on the 17th. Among topics that will be covered are: Survey, Lock-In and Kyle will demonstrate podcasting in Mega Seg.