September 22-26

Computer Apps-Finish your excel assignments. Refer to the previous week’s post for the Fast Food link. After this, move on to the first Power Point Exercise-Countdown-Located at Front of room. All Excel projects are due tomorrow. There will be an Excel Quiz on Monday. Please check over the weekend for any review terms.

Personal Finance-Having completed  your retail food comparison shopping, you are now to find an apartment. The rule  is no roommates-for now. The  link for this is directly below.

Independent Study-Please see  your weekly tasks located in the radio lab. Remember that there is a meeting after school on Wednesday. It is my hope that the new computers will be in by Friday. We are having an electrician come and look at the board on Thursday.


September 15-19th 2008

Computer Apps-You are now deep in the heart of Excel. The final exercise is called Fast Food Fun and can be found at this link:

 When you finish these exercises, you are to move on to the PowerPoint Heaven Unit. Once we finish this, we will be moving on to other projects outside of the Microsoft Office Realm. For homework this week, please be able to demonstrate that you know how the sum, max and min functions work.

Personal Finance-We will be shopping for automobiles this week as well as testing your knowledge of the previous week’s vocabulary. Please be prepared for a quiz this week.

Lancer Radio-Your new program directors are……..drumroll please……Hayden Archbold and Bryce Chapin.

Week of September 15th

Computer Apps: We are finishing the Excel Projects and moving on to Power Point. In the weeks to come we will be exploring some of the exciting Web 2.0 technologies that are making life and school easier. Enjoy!

Personal Finance: Your Budgets should be ready for filling. Our first foray into expenditures will involve transportation. In accordance with this, please add these terms to your vocabulary: Dealer Sticker Price, Dealer Invoice Price, Annual Percentage Rate, Rebate and Dealer Financing.

Lancer Radio-Please check the station door for your assignments/duties.

September 8-12

Personal Finance: Interview Follow-Up Papers are due on Friday. You should have started your budget in Excel. This will be due at the end of class on Wednesday.

Computer Apps: Plan to finish all Word projects by Wednesday. We will be moving on to Excel.

Lancer Radio: Seeking to publish first podcast this Friday. If you have not spoken with your guidance counselor to make the change, please do so immediately.