January 31-February 4th

Computer Applications:

Monday-The current event is due at the end of class today. Remember that it must be in complete sentence format for you to receive full credit. When finished, please move on to wD 6 & WD7.


Wednesday-SNOW DAY

Thursday-Please have completed up to WD 8 by today.

Friday- You must have submitted WD 10 & WD 11 by the end of today. Then move on to the Current Event :


See me for the questions for this. IT IS DUE AT THE END OF CLASS ON MONDAY!!!

Look for a quiz next week over the concepts you have practiced and learned.

Business Startups:

Monday-Live Interviews.If you did not interview during Period 4, please make arrangements to meet with me sometime today.

Tuesday-Follow up for interviews. Text is handed out. Assignment of first exercises: Read pages 2-9. Complete What do you know from page 3. Complete Assessment from page 9. Also complete #5 Social Studies from Make Academic Connections.

Wednesday-Turn in last night’s homework. Discussion of material.

Thursday-Research the function of SBA and come up with questions for tomorrow’s VT SBA guest speaker

Friday-Guest Speaker, please be dressed in business casual and ready to discuss.





January 24-28

Computer Apps:

Monday-Read and review syllabus and expecations. Sign and hand back by tomorrow. Complete assignment WD1

Tuesday-Complete Assignments WD2&WD3

Wednesday-Grab a Story and Walls textbook from the back of the room. Read GS1-GS22. When finished, complete vocabulary, multiple choice and fill in the blanks on pages GS21-GS22

Thursday-Finish  yesterday’s assignment. When finished, email to me and move on to WD4 & WD5

Friday-Current Event: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2009-08-24-online-tweet-twitter_N.htm?csp=DailyBriefing

See me for the questions that correspond to this article. YOU MUST ANSWER THIS IN COMPLETE SENTENCE FORMAT! 12 point font and double spaced. This is due on Monday.

Business Startups:

Monday-Handout and review of expectations of class. Drop/Add schedule can be found on school website.

Tuesday-Continue work on first essay. This is due tomorrow. 12 point, double spaced. When finished, please read the following article and be ready to discuss in class:

Wednesday-We will discuss your essays and the article from yesterday. Participation is key.
Thursday-Review and discussion of yesterday’s current event. You will then receive the resume assignment. Put together a resume.  You will bring your resume to class.
Friday-Critique of resume both with class and instructor. Prep for Monday’s class where you will interview with me in front of the class. DRESS FORMALLY FOR MONDAY! 

Last week of Semester 1

Personal Finance:

Monday-MLK Day. No school.

Tuesday-Finish and turn in all assignments that were due. Leave your NEFE book with me and pick up at the end of today.

Wednesday-Midterms for periods 6, 7 & 8

Thursday-Midterms for periods 1, 2 and 3

Friday-Personal Finance Midterm today for period 4. Other midterm today is for period 5.

Comp Apps: All work up to PPT 22 is due today! Any unfinished assignments will be marked with a grade of zero.


January 10-14th 2011

Personal Finance:

GREAT ARTICLE ON AVOIDING IDENTITY THEFT THROUGH YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS! There is no assignment attached, but I recommend that you read it:


Monday-Quiz over Stocks. Begin the Virtual Stock Market Game.


Tuesday-Each class this week will allow at least 15 minutes for trading at the beginning of class. Following this, we move on to the day’s activity. Today we will discuss ethical stock purchasing.

Wednesday-Moved due to School Activity

Thursday-Assess and trade in portfolio. You must have at least 12 trades to be considered active. Receive graded assignments for insertion in your binder. Read pages 38-40 in the NEFE wkbk. Complete Unit Assessment 3-1. This is due at the end of class tomorrow. USE THE CHECKLIST AS A GUIDELINE. THE ASSIGMENT MUST BE WRITTEN IN MICROSOFT WORD! THE REQUIRED LENGTH IS TWO PAGES!

Friday-Finish Unit Assessment and Turn In.  Stock Report-Out.

Computer Apps: The following assignments are due by Tuesday, the 18th of next week

Monday-PPT13 and PPT14

Tuesday-PPT15 and PPT16

Wednesday-PPT17 and PPT18

Thursday-PPT19 and PPT20

Friday-Review for Midterm and PPT 22

You must have completed PPT’s up to #22 by Tuesday the 18th of next week!

Radio Station: Please make the meeting this Friday during Activity Period. School Wide Survey goes live on January 11th. Radio staff are exempt from this.


Personal Finance:

Monday: Finishing movie and distribution and completion of the accompanying questions. The questions are due at the end of class on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Completion of  questions. Also, read through NEFE workbook Chapter 3. Pages 27-35.

Wednesday: Please read the following article, it is an excellent primer for the topic this week.


The corresponding questions can be found here, please answer in complete sentence format:


lAlso do Exercises 3A, 3C and 3D in NEFE workbook.

Thursday: Discussion of savings vehicles, stocks and bonds and binder check.

Friday: Discussion of stocks and bonds, CD’s and Mutual Funds.Please pay attention as their will be a quiz over today’s discussion and your readings and questions from this week. Once we have finished the discussion, we will move on to the virtual stock market competition which can be found here:



Computer Apps: Some assignments may change this week, so be sure to check back on a daily basis. I will also post any changes in class.

Monday-Finishing questions from textbook that were given before break. Read EX87-105 and do  Excel vocab found on EX106-EX107. Also do fill in the blank and multiple choice.

Tuesday-PPt1 exercise and EX 28.

Wednesday-PPT 2 & PPt4

Thursday-PPT 6, 7 & 8

Friday-PPT 9, 10 & 11.

Radio Station: Welcome back from break. We will have a meeting on Tuesday of next week. In the interim, Kyle D and Alec S., please put together a 30 second spot for the Automotive Technology Program in the Tech Center.