May 16th-20th

Computer Apps:

Monday: Finishing Team Graphing Exercise (See Me). Also complete EX33 & EX34.

Tuesday: EX35, EX 36 & EX37.

Wednesday: Go over Answers from last week’s quiz and a Current Event.

Current Event is Here:

See me for the questions related to this.

Thursday: EX38 & EX 39. When finished with these. You are to go to this link and complete this exercise entitled Fast Food Fun. All links except KFC are working. Remember to read the instructions thoroughly.

Friday: EX 40, PPT 1. In textbook, read PPT3-PPT24. Complete Vocabulary, Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank. Write these out. This will be considered an open book quiz.

Business Startups:

Monday-Hand Back Quiz, Review Answers and Work on Business Plan Financials.

Tuesday-Text Book. Read page 118-140. Please pay attention to the terms and concepts as there will be a quiz next week. Please complete Page 122-Think Critically, Pg. 125-Think About It, #1, #2 and #3, Pg. 128-What Went Wrong and Page 130-Think About It, #1, #2, #3 and #5 (Communication) THIS IS DUE TOMORROW AT THE START OF CLASS!

Wednesday-Current Event-

See me for the questions related to this.

Prepare Questions for Tomorrow’s Guest Speaker

Thursday-Guest Speaker

Friday-Introduction to an Elevator Pitch. Discussion of yesterday’s guest speaker and Discussion of Tuesday’s Homework.