Personal Finance

RESUME EXERCISES: The following link contains POWER WORDS that you will utilize when writing your resume. I expect to see them when describing the past jobs you have had. Remember that this is fictional, so make the content fit your circumstance.

Here are some examples of  resumes:

Once you have finished your first draft of a resume, you are to submit them to me. Following this, I will mark up your draft with suggested changes and have you edit and resubmit. If you finish that, you are to read this article dealing with the necessity of cover letters and how to write one. I have supplied you with a template, you are to modify this and make it fit your dream job.

Term of the Day – financial health

A description of the state of a person or company’s finances. Someone with good financial health usually deals well with their finances, makes their payments on time, and knows how to manage their money. Someone in poor financial health usually owes a lot of money and isn’t making their payments on time.

PF Sentiment of the day: It’s hard for people to think of a product as worthless, and think of themselves as smart consumers, at the same time, so they often come to think of their purchases as being worth more than they would if they hadn’t bought the item



Personal Finance: Welcome to class. Your first assignments are to: Take the Myers-Briggs Online Test and then go to The Department of Labor Website to find your occupation. I am looking for (a) A printout of your type and (b) A printout of your occupation along with salary (c) Now answer the assignment I have handed you on the first day. Don’t forget that I will check that you have  purchased a binder on September 8th.

Here are the links:

Here is the occupational outlook:

Also, since much of this class deals with current events affecting consumers, here is the first article we’ll discuss and summarize. I’ll direct you as to its due date, but I wanted to post it so as not to forget  it:





Computer Apps and Cyberculture:

Your first order of business is to get an e-mail account if you don’t have one. Some suggested email providers are, gmail (Google’s provider) or Whatever you choose, please make sure it has the ability to use attachments so that I can receive any future work. I am doing this to go paperless.

Following this, I would like you to read the article below. You are to compose a two page, double-spaced document with 1.5 inch margins that answers the questions given to you in class regarding Twitter.