March 29th-April 2

Computer Apps:

All work through Project 25 on page 119 must be turned in by Wednesday.

Monday: Supplementary Projects 26 and 27.

Tuesday: Current Event-Please see me for questions

This deals with the new literacy.

Wednesday: Supplementary Project 28.

Thursday-Monday of Next Week: Please complete the Critical Thinking assignment from page 127. This must be two pages and double spaced.

If you finish early, please see me for next assignment(s).

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish Movie and start discussion.

Tuesday-All grocery exercises must be turned in by today. Further discussion of movie.

Wednesday: Hand out of Insurance Workbooks. Discussion and First Assignments.

Thursday: Complete first Insurance Workbook Assignments.

Friday: Current Event TBA.

Radio Station: Please make sure you have a copy of the Pledge Sheet for our fundraiser. If you need one, see either myself or Chapin.


Four Day Week-March 22-26th

***A reminder that Friday will be a teacher planning day and students will not be in class.


Computer Applications: I will be speaking with some of you this week about alternate projects.

Monday-Complete Project 22 and Step by Step 6.2

Tuesday-Project 23

Wednesday-Project 24

Thursday-Project 25

Personal Finance:

Monday-Quiz over Rental terminology. When finished, move on to the current event. See me for questions.

Tuesday-Turn in current event by end of class. When finished, move on to grocery exercise.

Wednesday-Movie dealing with consumerism.

Thursday-Movie conclusion.

Radio Station: Please shut down station for brief pauses to record your liners directly on to  broadcast computer. You will need one of the usb microphones to do this in Garage Band.

March 15-19

Computer Applications

Monday: Complete Projects 18 & 19

Tuesday: Step by Step 4.1 and Project 20. Please pay attention to margins, cropping, inline pictures, floating pictures and the Wrapping Tool.

Wednesday: Current Event

See me for questions

Here is a sister article which should also be read for class discussion:

Also,  Review for tomorrow’s quiz. Current Event is due by end of class Friday.

Thursday: Quiz. Project 21.

Friday: Turn in Current Event and work on Project 22.

Personal Finance:

Monday: Please use today to complete your budget in Excel if you have not done so already. When done, please move on to the Apartment Exercise. It is due at the end of class tomorrow.

Tuesday: Finish Apartment Exercise and receive Sample Lease for modification.

Wednesday: Rental Terms lecture and work on Sample Lease.

Thursday: Write Lease. Current Event has been postponed until tomorrow.

Friday: Quiz over rental terminology. Current Event TBA.


I would recommend that any student who can make it to UFC fighter Tom Murphy’s speech on the 25th during Period 6 in the HS auditorium to go. Here is a quick bio of Tom:

March 8-12


Computer Apps-Please continue working on Supplementary Exercises and the current event dealing with driving and technology. Plan on a quiz on Friday.

Tuesday-You should be finishing the current event, see me if you have not received the questions. When finished with this, work on Supplementary Project 15 and turn in. If you finish with this, read pages 75-80 and complete Step by Step 1.1 and 1.2

Wednesday-Project 16 and review chapter summary for quiz on Friday.

Thursday-Read pages 85-87. Step by Step 2.1 and complete Project 17.

Friday-Quiz and double check to make sure you have finished with all work for this week.

Personal Finance-All NEFE wkbk exercises are due on Wednesday. There will also be a quiz on our introductory insurance materials on Wednesday. When finished with NEFE workbook exercises, please read this current event:

The corresponding questions are found here:

Tuesday-Please make sure that you have finished all current events including the one from last week on most stolen and least stolen cars. The questions are in the front of the room.

For today, you are to build a copy of the budget that I have given you in Microsoft Excel. If you finish this, you are to move on to the apartment rental exercise.

Wednesday-Completion of Quiz and Apartment Rental Exercise.

Thursday-Read pages 85-89 in NEFE workbook. Complete on a separate sheet of paper, the Think About It! Exercise found on page 89.

Friday-Insurance Discussion and Current Event Discussion. Also, check out this site if you have a moment. It is put together by the Vermont State Credit Unions and is called Economy of Me.



Radio Station: I need a brave soul to take the lead for the broadcastathon and put together pledge sheets, a date and rules. Lets plan to meet at the station on Friday during activity period.

Welcome Back-Short Week

Computer Applications:

Wednesday-Read page 59. Do Step by Step 10.1, Project 11 and Supplementary Project 12

Thursday-Supplementary Project 13 and 14. Both are due Tuesday of next week.

Friday-Current Event-Please see me for questions. There is no link to an article this week.

Personal Finance:

Wednesday-All automobile exercises are due tomorrow.

Thursday-Introduction to Insurance. Lecture and followed by exercises. Late penalties for Auto Exercises at a rate of 20 points per day start accruing today. After Friday you will receive a zero for this.

Friday-NEFE Wkbook. Read pages 79-85. Do What Do You Think, Exercise 6A, 6C, 6D and 6-2, This will be due on Monday at the end of class. Please remember the Quiz on Wednesday will cover all material from this portion of the workbook as well as our class lectures on insurance.

Radio Station: Station was down over break. Resume broadcasting as normal and insert pre-recorded Garage Band Station ID’s. You may use the main broadcast mac to do this. If you need to take the station off-air to accomplish this, please do and then restart.