September 27-October 1 2010

Personal Finance:

Monday-Lecture on Auto Buying/Leasing and completion of grocery buying exercise which is due tomorrow.

Tuesday-Current Event. 



Wednesday-Quiz over NEFE definitions and lecture. Finish Current Event if not done.

Thursday-Paycheck City Calculator and NEFE wkbk. Exercises from Chapter 7. 7D, 7-2, 7-e and 7-G.

Friday-Finish and turn in the NEFE wkbk.  When finished, please see instructor for Apartment Rental Exercise.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Finish WD Projects. If WD 19 brochure template will not load, please skip. Work on Current Event. Link can be found in last week’s post.

Tuesday-Projects WD 20-WD23

Wednesday-Quiz. This will be a skills assessment as well as vocab from last week.

Thursday-Finishing WD 20-23, this is due on Friday

Friday-Turn in WD 20-23. Start on WD 24-27, these will be due on Tuesday, October 5th.



September 20-24th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Work on Auto Buying Exercise, it is due tomorrow.

Tuesday-Finish Auto Buying Exercise and Finish Presentation on Gratification and Goals.

Wednesday-NEFE Wkbk is given out. Complete First Exercises:

Read pages 1-9. Complete Exercises 1A, 1B, 1C, 1-1

Thursday-Current Event with Questions. Found at:

Friday-Turn in Current Event and move on to Grocery Shopping Exercise.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Current Event Discussion. Work on WD 13-16, these exercises are due at the end of class tomorrow.

Tuesday-Finish WD 13-16

Wednesday-Reading and Vocabulary from Textbook.

Thursday-WD 17-19. Due tomorrow.

Friday-Finish WD 17-19 and move on to Current Event.

Found Here:



Radio Station: New Schedule to be up by Wednesday. Music suggestion list due by Friday.

Sept 13th-17th 2010


Monday-Finish the interview follow up assignment, it is due tomorrow. When finished, please see me for the application. This will be due on Wednesday.

Tuesday-Lecture over EOE and types of individuals as they pertain to finance.

Wednesday-Lecture covering  types of people. 

Thursday-Get Salaries and put together budget in excel following the template.

Friday-Quiz, Finish Goal Presentation, Binder Check, Possible Start to Auto Buying Exercise.


Monday-Complete Current Event. The link to the article can be found on last week’s post. See me for questions.

Tuesday-Discussion of Current Event. Work on Projects 10-12 and email them to me.

Wednesday-Reading in Story and Walls textbook. Review for quiz tomorrow over procedures for MS Word.

Thursday-Quiz.When finished, please begin projects 13-16. These will be due on Monday.

Friday-Current Event Discussion. Work on Projects 13-16. Finish and turn in projects and email them to me by end of class Monday.

Radio Station: We are back up and running!

September 7th-10th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Labor Day-No School

Tuesday-Cover Letters should be finished and submitted in Draft form today. When finished, please read the following article and answer the questions in complete sentence, 12 point, double spaced paragraph form.

Questions are here:

Wednesday-Lecture and Family Work History Assignment

Thursday-Finishing Family History Assignment. Hand out of mock application and expectations for interviews tomorrow.

Friday-Mock Interviews. BRING YOUR RESUME!

Computer Applications:

Tuesday-Finishing Exercises 4-6 today, email when finished.

Wednesday-Read WD 4-WD9. REad through Step by Step WD 1.2 and Step by Step WD 1.2 and WD 1.3.

Thursday-Finish Word Projects 7-9 and email.

Friday-Current Event. Please read this article and see me for the corresponding questions. If you still have not finished 7-9, please get it to me by today.