Testers Wanted-October 29th



I am looking for a few brave souls who would like extra credit for either Computer Apps or Personal Finance to try these games out. In order to receive the credit you will need to first play the games through and then write up at least a half page summary of the pros and cons of each game. Here are the links:





October 26-October 30

Personal Finance:

Monday-Continue Wal-Mart Movie

Tuesday-Finish Movie and Receive Corresponding Questions. Due by Thursday. Remember when you are thinking about these questions to consider both viewpoints: pro and con to big box stores, employment factors, economic impact, how these concepts affect your personal budget and the power of the consumer.

Wednesday-NEFE Workbook Exercises 5C & 5D. Due by Friday.

Thursday-Insurance Discussion. Hand back Chapter 2 Quiz. Bring Insurance Workbook.

Friday-Inventory Sheet for Apartment. We’re going shopping again!

FYI. Here is an article examining some of the most prevalent myths and facts about Car Repair.




Some wise advice on credit card usage:



Computer Applications:

Monday-Supplementary Project 28

Tuesday-Intro to Tables. Step by Step 1.1 Project 29-Due by Thursday.

Wednesday-Step by Step 2.1 and 2.2. Complete Project 30.

Thursday-Check for Understanding. Review for Quiz on Friday. Step by Step 3.1. If finished, please go ahead to Project 31.

Friday-Quiz and TBA.

Current Event: For both Computer Apps and Personal Finance

Retailers are tracking your every move. Please read and be ready to discuss and answer questions next week.


Radio Station: The Four Person Rule is in effect now. Please do not disregard this, as it will lead to suspension from the station. We are at that time, where everybody should have a basic understanding of how to use Garage Band. If you are still having difficulty, talk to me and we will set up a training session with myself and/or some of the more experienced staff. Don’t be afraid to jump in and try it!

Short Week October 19-21

Personal Finance:

Monday-Quiz over Chapter 2 from InVest Insurance Book.

Rental Terminology Discussion

Modify Sample Leases

Make two checkbook entries to reflect grocery and rental expenses.

Tuesday-NEFE Workbook Assignments


Computer Applications:

Monday-All work through Project 24 is due by end of class today.

Do Project 25. Don’t go ahead please.

Tuesday-Current Event is due today. Supplementary Project 26.

Wednesday-Supplementary Project 27.

Radio Station: Those who are involved in the editing of the Hospitality and Tourism PSA’s please get them done by Tuesday of next week. We will be updating our software this week, so take the time to learn what’s new. Set Automation to run over the next four days. Here is a great site for current weather updates:



October 12-16

Personal Finance:

Monday-Grocery Shopping

Tuesday-Insurance Discussion and SM 1-5/Part of NEFE work. Due Wednesday. I recommend taking notes on the discussion in order to ensure (no pun intended) success on your quiz Friday.

Wednesday-Log in Grocery purchase x4 for checkbook. Introduction to leases.

Thursday-Possible insurance shopping if log in information is correct. Further considerations for dwelling. Handout of INVEST Insurance workbook.

Friday-Quiz over insurance material.  NEFE workbook work or INVEST work.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Hand in Current Event by end of class. Also Exercises 17-19 are due today latest. Then, step by step 4.1 and Project 20.

Tuesday-Project 21 &22

Wednesday-Step by Step 6.1 and 6.2. Project 23

Thursday-Check for Understanding. Review of concepts and new terminology. Project 24.

Friday-Quiz and Current Event


Radio Station: It has come to my attention that many of the disc jockeys are not doing station ids or even speaking. If you fall into this camp, then consider yourself forewarned. By their very nature, disc jockeys are supposed to talk, play music and provide personality. Individuals who cannot perform this task will be asked to remedy the situation and will be removed if this continues. Many students who want to do this will gladly take your place and provide talk and personality if you cannot. You are being monitored for this. Get the word out about 89.1 to your friends. Take requests prior to going on air, talk up your show and become visible!

October 5th-9th

Personal Finance: Please read the introduction to insurance paper. After you have thoroughly read this, you are to complete the quizzes that are included in them. This week’s current event deals with the topic of auto insurance and how some car manufacturers are tackling it as it regards teens. Read the article and be prepared to  answer questions after your quiz on Wednesday.


Tuesday: We begin discussion of auto insurance and much of the key terminology involved. Expect a quiz this week. We will also further adjust your checkbook this week with several new payments.

Wednesday: Quiz over insurance materials.NEFE Work and shopping for insurance for the car you have chosen.

Thursday:  Hand in current event, continue insurance discussion. Handback graded NEFE workbooks. Assignment of NEFE Exercises #4 (2d, 2-3 and 2-4).

Friday: Preliminary plan is to go shopping for auto insurance online and finish NEFE in class.

Computer Applications:

We transition this week from vector and bitmap graphics to word processing. Please read pages 75-80 in the Korb workbook. Plan for a quiz over the material on Thursday. We will review this on Wednesday.

Monday: Step by Step 1.1, 1.2 and Project 16. Due by Wednesday latest.

Tuesday: Step by Step 2.1 and  Project 17. Due by Thursday latest.

Wednesday:  Step by Step 3.1 and 3.2.

Thursday:  Project 18. Quiz  over pages 75-80. Check for comprehension before moving to next project.

Friday: Project 19 and Current Event.


Radio Station: Tentative plan for meeting after school Thursday. Please plan to show proof this week that your projects are progressing. All CD’s from the pile should be gone by Friday.