Vacation-February 25-March 4th

Please enjoy yourself over break. When we come back, you will start working with presentation software. Drive carefully or if you are not of driving age, please don’t get into a car with someone you don’t trust with your life.


February 19, 2008

Please continue working through the Excel assignments. All excel assignments (Excelerate, Fast Food Fun and World Pizza will be due on Friday) No exceptions! World Pizza is to be done in groups of two with a partner of your choice. Please share one handout between you and leave them for the next class. If you missed the quiz on Friday, you may make it up on Wednesday. You can find all assignments on the green counter top in the front of the class room. I will hopefully see all of you tomorrow. Please treat the substitute teacher with respect and help them out. If you have any questions, please post them to this page. 

Week of February 11-15 2008

Exceler@te Parts II, III, IV & Checkbook Page 1 are due by end of class Friday. If you finish this, move on to FAST FOOD FUN. When you finish that, please see me about your next assignment.

Key Dates:


Computer Applications

This week we are finishing up with the Word projects. We begin an Excel unit next week. Please expect a quiz. Once we have finished with the basics of Microsoft Office, we will be moving on to a few programs which can be found at these links: