May 31-June 3rd

Computer Applications-All PPT work up to PPT12 must be done by Thursday the 2nd by end of class.

Many of you have not turned in your open book quiz. It is now late. Refer to earlier posts for the specific pages.

If you finish up to PPT 12. You are to move on to PPT 13, PPT 14, PPT 15. The ending assignment dates will be given next week.  My goal is to have you finish as much of the assignments as possible by Tuesday of next week.

Friday-Quiz over PPT materials.

We are nearing the end of the year. Please make sure that you review the quizzes and tests that I have handed back and reviewed with you. You will see parts of them on your comprehensive final.

Business Startups:

Your Marketing Research Assignment due date has been moved up a day to a due date of June 3rd.. Please utilize your class time to finish it. Remember that this is going to count as two test grades. If you have not done your outside research yet, you are sabotaging yourself. Please get this done. If you finish this early, please turn in to me and continue working on your Business Plan and Financials. On Friday, we will start preparation for your elevator pitch. This will take place next week and will be part of your final grade.

Radio Station: There will be a station clean-up and organization day coming soon. Please see me for your availability.