September 28-October 2nd

Personal Finance: Auto Buying Exercise is due today (Monday). NEFE Workbook, 2A and 2-1 Due on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Basic Paycheck  Discussion. Review terms from NEFE workbook for Quiz on Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Quiz over terms and concepts. Move on to 2C and 2-2.

Thursday:  Discussion of financial goals, paying yourself first, medicaid, social security.

Current Event: See me for questions. This is due on Monday:

Friday: Hand back Quiz. Discuss answers. Begin Insurance discussion.

Computer Applications:

Quiz Monday, then complete Project 11.

Tuesday: Supplementary project 12. Current Event is here:

See me for the corresponding questions. Due on Monday of next week.

Wednesday-Thursday: Supplementary Projects 13 & 14.

Thursday-Supplementary Project 15.

Friday-Read Intro to Word Processing and complete  Step by Step 1.1 and 1.2.

Radio Station: Finish CD sorting/disposal. Final schedule is posted this week. Please obtain a copy of the sporting events calendar from Mr. Messier and plan to start a daily announcement to correspond with this. MEETING AFTER SCHOOL THURSDAY 3:10-3:30.


September 21st-25th

Personal Finance: For Monday and Tuesday: NEFE Workbook, 1-3 (Due Friday), 1-D (Use Partner), 1E-You may choose another trip besides Macy’s (Warped Tour, Lollapalooza, etc.) and 1F (Do on Your Own). We will review on Tuesday as well as hand back the quiz from last Friday. Once you finish these exercises, you are to move on to the Current Event which is due on Thursday. Please get the questions from me.

For Wednesday, plan to receive your checkbook register and your yearly salary. We will compute this on a 26 pay period basis. A good paycheck calculator can be found at this link:

If it is easier for you to compute this using an 80 hour pay period then do that.

Thursday: Car buying Assignment

Using the sheet that was given to you in class, you are to plug in the various APR and financing terms into the car loan calculators. Here are some links to calculators. Be sure you run the numbers for all of the scenarios that I have listed.

Friday: Turn in all outstanding work from this week including current event. The Auto Loan work is due by Monday latest. If you finish this,   move on to Exercise 2A and 2-1 (How Am I doing). Expect a quiz on Wednesday of next week over some of the terminology and concepts we have covered this week.

Computer Applications:

Please do not go ahead of the class. Follow this schedule!

Monday: Chapter 6. Complete and Print 6.3 and Project 6.

Tuesday: Step by Step 7.1 and 7.2. Also Complete Project 7.

Wednesday:Review of concepts and vocabulary in Chapters 6 and 7. Step by Step 8.1 and 8.2. Also complete Project 8.

Thursday: Complete Project 9.  Finish Step by Step 9.1, 9.2.

Friday: Review of concepts from Chapters 6-9. Expect a quiz on Monday.  Complete Project 10.

Radio Station: Please Read and Memorize new rules. Failure to observe these rules could result in closing of radio station for the semester. NO VISITORS!

September 14-18

Personal Finance: Please make sure that the interview follow up paper is turned in to me by Thursday the 17th. A brief presentation regarding types of financial identities, needs and wants and goal setting starts the week. Expect to receive your NEFE workbook this week and complete exercises in the first chapter. Questions from the article on Gender Pay Scales (which you can find by scrolling down) are due on Tuesday. A new financial current event article with questions will be forthcoming towards the end of the week. Also, expect a quiz over the introductory concepts on Friday!

Computer Applications: All work up to Project 3 and the most recent current event article are due at the end of the day on September 14th. Following this, please read chapter Four and complete exercises 4.1, 4.2 and Project 4 by Wednesday latest. There will be a quiz covering the concepts in the workbook from Lessons 2-5 on Friday. Here is this week’s current event article link:

Radio:  A complete  shift schedule will be in effect starting Wednesday the 16th. Look for a copy of the schedule to be posted on the window. It is your responsibility to clear this with your advisory/study hall supervisor and your guidance counselor. Wish lists of music are due by the 17th. During your shift, a maximum of two people only are allowed in the broadcast studio. Please do not abuse this privilege!

Week of September 8-11

Personal Finance: Please complete the application and turn in. If you have not turned in your resume I will not accept them after Wednesday. Following this our schedule looks like this: Mon-Tuesday-Family Work History, Wednesday-Interview Lecture and Discussion, Thursday-Current Event Article found at Friday-Interviews Take Place.

Computer Apps and CyberCulture: Quiz on the 10th. Please review the principles and exercises in Chapter 1 from the workbook for this quiz. Once you have finished, you are to move on to Chapter 2 in the book. USE MS WORD 2003 FOR THIS! Please pay particular attention to the sections on grids and fills. The exercises that are required are Step by Step 2.1, 2.2 and Project 2.  On Thursday, we will move to Chapter 3. The article this week deals with netiquette. You are to answer the associated questions, which you will receive from me. This is due by Friday.

Computer Apps Sept 1-3

After you have finished your twitter analysis paper, I would like you to move on to your first Microsoft Word Assignment. This can be found in the black binders at the front of the room. You will have until Friday September 11th to finish this. If you finish early, you are to grab one of the workbooks which are in the back of the room. It is titled Computer Projects Basics by Korb. You are to complete and print step by step exercises 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4. Then you are to complete Project 1. These will be due by September 9th. There will be a quiz over the terms and concepts on September 10th.