Computer Applications and Cyber Culture

This course supplements existing knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs, Photo manipulation software,  delves into WYSIWIG Web Sites, Google Tools,  Google Sketchup, some animation, Audio/Visual applications within the Windows/Mac environment, consumer technology trends as well as privacy and legal issues within the realm of cyberspace. It is hoped that future funding will allow for the purchase of licenses for graphics programs such as Manga Creator and other creative and business applications. If students have no previous knowledge of computer programs, then this serves as a great jumping on point for them. In summary, if you want to succeed in today’s workplace you need to have the skills to navigate the world of computers.

Personal Finance and the Next Step

This course provides instruction in key facets of fiscal responsibility. Topics covered are:

  • Responsible use of credit and budget management
  • Personal economic decisions from the consumer and investor standpoint
  • Basic Taxation Principles
  • Stocks
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Saving for college and financial aid
  • Health care and unanticipated financial emergencies
  • A study of how public administration actions affect consumer behavior

 In summary, this course is aimed at preventing financial ruin and sustainability for individuals and families on fixed and variable budgets.