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Ok, the headline is probably overstating the sites capabilities, but it has some really cool functions, especially if there are math questions that you are stumped on or science problems.

Try asking a question on Wolfram-Alpha’s site. You’ll be amazed at the answers you receive.


May 26-29

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An argument for Ipods

There are several schools of thought regarding the usage of Ipods or MP3 devices in the educational environment. I have been a big supporter of the Ipod since its inception. In many cases it is a lifestyle device. With the newer versions (Ipod Touch, I phone) you are able to read a book on the device through the Amazon Kindle App, Determine your global position , Check your E-Mail, etc. The possibilities are endless. Technology is meant to make your life easier and these devices certainly accomplish this mission. However, in many schools there have been instances of cheating or inappropriate usage with these amazing devices. Many schools allow them for the purpose of receiving podcasts. What is a podcast? Here is a short definition for the uninitiated:

Many colleges and recently high schools, have started utilizing these podcasts as companions to the daily lectures and topics that instructors are using. This has come to be a part of the much ballyhooed or excitement about Web 2.0 movement. The podcast would supplement learning outside of the classroom confines.

I find that the level of engagement among students increases in many cases while students use Ipods to complete tasks at the computer. There is a definite increase in focus.

Here is a particularly convincing argument as to why they should be allowed:

What are the drawbacks then? Do Ipods corrupt the young?

Your blog should discuss both of these arguments and then discuss the “ideal way” to implement them in a school. Does this include instructor permission only?What should the procedure be for those who are caught cheating with their ipods? If you were allowed to use these devices at any time, what would be the effect on your academic life? In some schools, students are issued Ipods at the beginning of the year, much like a textbook. How would you feel about this? Is all this new technology leading to a generation of disconnected students who don’t interact with their teachers or is it strengthening the relationship?

YOU ARE TO ANSWER THIS IN A COMPLETE PARAGRAPH FORMAT. Do not answer as if this was a simple yes or no short answer type of structure.


Hope for those who feel hopeless in face of the credit card crisis:

Personal Finance, Monday-Wednesday

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After POH film, please take a moment to try this exercise:,9171,1812048,00.html

Take a piece of paper with numbers 1 to 100. Using a pencil (because you might want to erase and redo), write down the 100 items you really think you must have to live, not only to live frugally but to live well. The idea is not to
force a Spartan existence, but to focus on the great usefulness and joy of having the 100 most important items. This exercise will be a good one to start you thinking about trade-offs between work and family, work and leisure, and the overall goal of financial well-being. With financial well-being, individuals  have the finances to fund the activities that mean the most to them. Finances are a tool to well-being, not the end result.

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Those of you who have signed up for an account, please weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section of my blog.

An argument for banning cell phones.

Greetings, I have decided to take the devil’s advocate point of view on this topic. Please feel free to disagree with me about my opinion. However, you must do this in a non profane manner and back up your arguments.  I feel that cell phones are a distraction in the school setting. Being a kid of the 1970’s and 1980’s, we didn’t have to deal with the cell phone issue. They simply weren’t invented yet. The ones that were available ran into the thousands and were about the size of your head. brick cell phone

However, in today’s society we have phones that are capable of text, have cameras, internet access through wifi, video, etc. This is where it starts to get a bit complicated. Many students have used the picture or video function to demean or hurt others. There have been numerous stories of students who capture violence in the school and post it to video sharing sites such as Youtube. Herein is where we run into the problem of cyberbullying.

Photos taken in school have been used to cyberbully students. Many of these pictures capture their subjects in embarrasing or compromising situations, or the author of the pictures has edited the picture to ridicule its subject. Technology is a wonderful tool for everybody. However, in these types of situations technology was used not for assistance or advancement but for the sole purpose of distraction and abuse.

Probably my most emphatic argument for banning cell phone usage in schools is the perceived urgency that people have. How did we survive all of these years without a cellphone? It was called the office phone. If a parent needed to reach their child in an emergency, this was how it was done. If the emergency warranted it, either somebody in administration or office staff would find the student and excuse them to call home or leave campus. What are we to make of those who feel it is their right to disrupt class with cell phones. I recently spoke with a colleague in another state who mentioned that his school had adopted the same rule after many instances where students were ordering Pizza in class or speaking on the phones during a lecture. Call it a pet peeve of mine, but I feel that when I am trying to teach, you the student should be either participating in the conversation or listening. You never know when I might spring a quiz on you. Finally, we turn to texting. For many, this has replaced the traditional passing of notes. You remember these, they went something like, “Do you like me? Check the box for yes.” While socializing is an important part of your school experience, lets never lose sight of the reason you are here; to learn. I recently spoke with a young lady who was unable to particpate in sports at her school because she required carpal tunnel surgery on her wrist. Was it racquet sports, softball or lacrosse that caused this injury? Nope, it was non-stop texting, much of which took place at school.

So, where do you stand in this discussion, For or against? Should schools enact a zero-tolerance policy or should it be amended to include instances when cell phones should be permitted during the school day?

This is an ongoing debate and some schools have taken up the cause that schools should embrace the technology. I leave you with this article and invite your comments.