Computer Applications: For those who have finished with all of their projects on the list, please see me to start your final early. If you are still working on them, please make sure that all of them are completed by Tuesday latest.

Personal Finance: We will finish IOUSA movie and prepare for the final. Please remember that your binder counts for 20 points of the final score. Finally, I leave you with a list of online tools for those of you who will take our discussions and assignments to heart. Enjoy.

Radio Station: Please set the Itunes account for long play over the summer. I would like to thank all of you who have been diligently involved and who helped get the station back up and running again. I hope to have info about Mega Seg by Thursday.


June 4-5th

Computer Applications: Please remember that the list of applications  I prepared for you to complete is due on June 5th, I would encourage you to work outside of class either at home or in the business lab to complete as much as possible.This is for your benefit. If you have completed this and are not an exempt senior, please see me to get started early on certain portions of the final.

Personal Finance: If you have not turned in the WSJ article questions, they are due at the end of class on the 4th. We will finish filling in the Excel Budget sheets this week. Also, expect a review for the pending final exam. Your binder is worth twenty points. Please review the material in your NEFE workbook if you are feeling anxious.You will find that it reiterates much of the concepts we have discussed this semester.

Still thinking about credit vs. debit?

Radio: Although I am unable to make it to your presentations, I wish you all the best in your Independent Study work.  Please continue to observe the FCC and station regs we have set forth.

June 2-3

Personal Finance: After the conclusion of the BR movie, we will begin a discussion of financing for college or at least, post-high school. For the first assignment,you are to read the following article. It deals with the question of, what you are obligated to do, once you move on. You may get the corresponding list of questions from me.

Computer Apps: You are either finishing the list of assignments that are due by June 5th or for those of you who are taking the final exam, you are completing part 1 (Sketchup).

Radio: No activity period meeting this week. Please make sure you are cleaning up after yourself once you have been in the lab. Failure to observe this will mean loss of privileges.