April 24-29th

Computer Applications:

Monday-Catch Up Day. Complete up to projects 61 & 62

Tuesday-Project 63. Handout of Year End Proposals.

Wednesday-Projects 64 & 65

Thursday-Projects 66 & 67

Friday-Current Event

See Me for Questions.


Personal Finance:

Monday-Complete Work on Credit Cards

Tuesday-Credit Card Projects and Presentations

Wednesday-Consumer Choice Movie

Thursday-Finishing Movie

Friday-Still finishing movie. Presentations continue following movie.

In preparation for our study of stocks and bonds, please take a moment to review the following definition and pictograph of the word inflation.


Radio Station-Please finish work on Boot Cancer PSA in Garage Band. Station tune-up happening this week.


May 17-21

Computer Applications:

We will be finishing with Excel very soon. Please start to think of computer projects you would like to explore over the next few weeks. This will require a proposal submission. You may collect these from me.

Monday-Supplementary Projects 55 & 56. If you have not turned in the current event, please do so by tomorrow.

Tuesday-Supplementary Project 57.

Wednesday-Introduction to Charting. Presentation and lecture, followed by Step by Step 1.1 and Project 58. Please study material from beginning of Intro to Charting for quiz on Friday.

Thursday-Project(s) 59 & 60.

Friday-Quiz and handout with charting exercise.

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish NEFE wkbk, in class discussion of credit terms and study for quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday-Quiz over material from NEFE and lecture. When finished, please turn in workbook see me for the credit card comparison exercise and Maxed Out questions which were never done last week.

Wednesday-Turn in Credit Card Comparison exercise. Discussion of CARD act. Also, assignment of credit card design project with team members of two each.

Thursday-Please work through the credit card simulator.

After you have done these activities, you are to begin in class work on Credit Card Design.


Friday-Further work on Credit Card Design. Assignment is due next Tuesday, followed by presentations of design.

Radio-Please fill out logs every time you are on shift and leave them in an organized pile for check at the end of each week.

May 10-14th

All classes,  a reminder that the marking period ends this Friday. If you owe me work, get it to me immediately. It will probably be marked late, but some points are better than a zero. See me for questions.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Project 50 and step 5.1

Tuesday-Wednesday-Projects 51 & 52

Thursday-Projects 53 &54

Friday-Current Event-There are two of them, so please read both. See sub for questions.



Personal Finance:

Monday-Start of Maxed Out Movie

Tuesday-Finishing Movie

Wednesday-Lecture-Credit Cards. Also finish Maxed Out Questions, they are due by Friday.

Thursday-Lecture continues. Review standard credit card language and complete Maxed Out Questions.


NEFE Workbook-Read pages 41-58. Expect a quiz Tuesday. Please complete exercises 4-1 on page 45, 4c on page 46 and Exercise 4H.

Quiz  will be over material from lecture and in Nefe wkbk. Also complete credit card comparison exercise.

Radio Station-Please make sure all pledges have been turned in.

May 3rd-7th

Computer Applications:

Monday-Depending on which class, Quiz over basic Excel functions. Step by Step 2.1 and 2.2 and Project 46.

Tuesday-If you are in Period 1, you will take your quiz. When finished, complete Step by Step 3.1 and 3.2 as well as Project 47

Wednesday-Elf Exercise. Please turn in by tomorrow.

Thursday-Project 48 and Step by Step 4.1

Friday-Project 49.  Then, Fast Food Fun Exercise. Link is here:


Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish Current Event and turn in. When finished, please see me for Internet Advertising Assignment.

Tuesday-Finish Internet Advertising Assignment. Due tomorrow, please be ready to present in front of class.


Thursday-EverFi day. Postponed until Friday.

Friday-Everfi moved to today due to culmination of presentations yesterday. Advertising quiz over persuasive techniques and motivations on Tuesday.

Radio Station: Remember that this Friday at 7 P. M. will be our inaugural Broadcast-A-Thon. This will go until 7AM. Please see me for pledge sheets and permission slips. All pledges must be turned in by Friday at 7PM.