March 31-April 3rd

Personal Finance-You are working on your credit card design exercise this week. It should be completed by Friday latest. Don’t forget the exercises that are on the bottom of the assignment. After this, go to this link: Once there, go through the flash presentation called the ABC’s of credit. Depending on where you are, you may want to adjust your computer speakers.  Also, I have added this link for you to read. Its about greed. Expect a question exercise on it on Friday.

Computer Applications: You should continue completion of your sketchup exercises-which realistically should be coming to a close and then moving to Alice-a programming language developed by Carnegie Mellon. We will make a detour into resume writing and proper resume etiquette utilizing Microsoft Word.  Expect to delve into blogs soon.

Radio Station: Thanks to Chapin for all of his hard work on getting the site up and running/logos, etc. Your assignment this week is to find a good automation program. I need to turn in a price/wish list this week!


March 25-30th

Computer Apps-You should be finishing up your Sketchup projects and moving into Alice if you haven’t already. Remember to go through the tutorial on Alice. If you are well into the Alice assignments, your current ones are the Haunted Graveyard and The Kangaroo Exercise.

Personal Finance-Quiz on NEFE terms on Wednesday, March 25th. After this, finish the Rewards Card Assignment. After this, go to this link:

Once there, go through the flash presentation called the ABC’s of credit. Depending on where you are, you may want to adjust your computer speakers. Following this, you will be engaged in the exercise known as Design your Ideal Card.

Also, I have added this link for you to read. Its about greed. Expect a question exercise on it next week.

Radio: Still waiting on the price/want list.


Personal Finance: Exercises 1a, 1b and 1c are due March 20th. We will review the reading and continue to discuss credit. Please be ready for a quiz on Wednesday on some of the credit terms and much of the NEFE material.

Computer Apps: Please continue with your Sketchup and Alice assignments.

Radio-Still awaiting the price list/wish list. I also would remind you just how important the logs are for FCC regs. Please fill them out whenever you are present in the station. Liners and Drops also should be dropped into the playlist ASAP. Thanks to everybody who keeps the station moving along. Its official Spring is here!

March 16-20th

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us or the Ides of March if you prefer. In either case, we are moving along and some of you have taken to the programs with amazing ease and professionalism. Even if you are struggling, you are learning tools that will hopefully aid you when you transition from High School. Yes, even though it doesn’t seem like it, High School is a stepping stone or phase in your life.

Computer Applications-Continue working at your own pace in Sketchup. Many have uncovered some program bugs. Please let me know when this happens. I may be able to help you or commiserate with you, in either case, we hope to one day have a bug free program that doesn’t freeze up or crash. When you have finished Sketchup, move on to Alice. Alice is a programming language that was used by the developers of the popular Sims game series. Have fun with this.

Personal Finance:  We finish our Advertising analysis this week and then move into the wonderful world of credit. This is a current topic and given the current state of the economy, more relevant than ever. This week and probably next, we will spend on the credit card scenario. Eventually you will design your own credit card and come up with terms that you feel may be more peaceful to the average American. Oh, one more thing, everybody’s virtual salary is now $39,000. Make the adjustment in your budget.

Radio: Please finalize the wishlist with prices and numbers for submission to me on Friday.

March 9-13

Personal Finance: Continue the Walmart Assignment. We will review and discuss on Wednesday. Also, we will begin our look at advertising this week. We will soon move on to the wonderful world of credit and credit cards. If you have not completed your apartment rental assignment yet, this needs to be done ASAP and turned in to me.

Computer Applications:  You should have started your Sketchup assignment(s) by now. We will next move on to a programming language/software called Alice.

Radio: Please try and submit the wish list to me by Friday with prices. I would like to be able to turn this around rather quickly. Also, consider if you like the idea of holding an open sign-up for Disc Jockeys.

March 4-6

Computer Apps-After you have finished the Excel exercises, you are to move on to Sketchup. This program will really give you the opportunity to stretch your creative muscles. Please read through the tutorial(s) which are found on the left hand side under help before you begin. The house part of the town assignment is where you should start.

Personal Finance: We continue to view the Walmart film for the remainder of the week. Be prepared for a thorough question/answer session to follow. This is part of our advertising/consumer choice unit.

Radio-We are winding down. Some of you have already learned that you will receive a credit for this and have decided not to continue. Please know that your contributions and input were valuable. Also, if anybody has any Mac expertise or any idea how to free up the necessary space for the song library on one of the minis please let me know.