So, I don’t do a whole lot of web design these days, mainly because there are tons of great WYSWIG (What you see is what you get) web site builders out there. Previously you had to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to build your own site. Now, anybody can do it. You just need to know how to drag and drop. I will give the equivalent of one test grade or assignment grade for anybody who would like to try building their own site using one of the editors listed at the link under this post. The site can be about a particular subject (maybe video game reviews) or just about yourself. Check out these great tools at this link:



January 25th-29th

Computer Applications: Please continue working on your Chapter 1 exercises. When finished, I would like you to read the article below. You are to compose a two page, double-spaced document with 1.5 inch margins that answers the questions given to you in class regarding Twitter.


This must be done in complete sentences in Microsoft Word.

Wednesday-Read pages 13-16 in Workbook. Complete Step by Step 2.1, 2.2 and Project 2. Due by Friday.

Thursday-Lesson 3-Read pages 21-23. Do Step by Step 3.1 and 3.2.

Friday-Complete Project 3. Please complete and turn in all work to date. Review the summaries from Chapters 1, 2, and 3. There will be a quiz on Monday. Be familiar with the differences between vector graphics and pixels, the drawing tools used in Word, paint graphics and keys used in the first project(s).

Personal Finance: Continue working on your job assignment. When you have finished, you are to start writing your own resumes. Here is a link to some good, solid examples:

Here are some examples of  resumes:


Once you have finished your first draft of a resume, you are to submit them to me. Following this, I will mark up your draft with suggested changes and have you edit and resubmit. If you finish that, you are to read this article dealing with the necessity of cover letters and how to write one. I have supplied you with a template, you are to modify this and make it fit your dream job.


The following link contains POWER WORDS that you will utilize when writing your resume. I expect to see them when describing the past jobs you have had. Remember that this is fictional, so make the content fit your circumstance.


Remember that the first draft of your resume is just that, a draft. You can expect me to mark it up and return it to you for revision. Once you have completed a revised second draft,you are to (1) Complete a Cover Letter, (2)  See me for the family work history and job application handouts.

For Thursday-You will each receive a copy of the NEFE Workbook which we will use throughout the semester. It is your responsibility to keep up with it.

Friday-Finish all work due and hand in. Also,  read pages 95-99 in NEFE workbook and complete exercises: What do you think on page 96,  7A do this in Microsoft Word with a partner, 7B and 7C in workbook. These will be due by Tuesday.

Welcome Too……

Computer Applications and CyberCulture: Welcome to a new semester. Please read through the syllabus and prepare any questions you might have for me. We will start with the Korb Book. Your first exercises are due by Thursday. The assignment is to read pages 3-8. Exercises that must be turned in are: Step by Step 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 and 1.4, and Project 1. Expect a current event with questions on Friday and a quiz on Monday.

Personal Finance: Welcome to the new semester. We’ll start by discussing careers and then moving into career research for your virtual life.

Your first assignments are to: Take the Myers-Briggs Online Test and then go to The Department of Labor Website to find your occupation. I am looking for (a) A printout of your type and (b) A printout of your occupation along with salary (c) Now answer the assignment I have handed you on the first day. Don’t forget that I will check that you have  purchased a binder on January  28th.

Here are the links: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Here is the occupational outlook:


Radio Staff: Plan for a meeting on the 28th to welcome new staff and set up a new schedule.


Personal Finance: Please pick up your study guide before the midterm examination. Also remember to submit your portfolio the day of the midterm. It is worth 50% of your midterm grade. The winner of the Stock Market Game will be announced the day of the midterm.

Computer Applications: Tuesday will be used as a catch up day for any missing work. The midterm will be comprised of  exercises from MS Word, MS Excel and identification and more.

Radio Station: If you are receiving credit, you will need to arrange a day for demonstration of skills learned.

January 11-15th

Personal Finance

Monday-Enron Movie

Tuesday-Finish Enron Movie. Discussion to follow.

Wednesday-Current Event, follow up to last weeks work.


Here are the questions


Thursday-Stock Tracking Data Sheet. Please plan to bring checkbook register. Also, bring portfolio for quick review.

Friday-Movie, dealing with stock market and ethical company conduct. Expect a reflection piece at end of movie.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Finishing Sketchup Project #2

Tuesday-Sketchup Project #3. If finished, see me for final Sketchup Project.

Wednesday-Finishing Sketchup Project and moving on to Alice.

Thursday-Finish Alice Tutorials and Complete Project 1

Friday-Alice 1 or if finished, Alice 2.

Radio Station-Meeting after school on Thursday, the 14th.


Personal Finance:

Monday: Finish Movie and complete questions. They are due tomorrow.

Tuesday: Turn the questions in. Discussion of questions. Checkbook modifications. Fill out status report for Stockmarket game. Current Event:


See me for questions.

Wednesday: NEFE Wkbk. Discussion of Greed in America.

Thursday: Turn in NEFE work. Start of Enron movie.

Friday: Enron Movie.

Computer Applications and Cyberculture:

Monday-Finish Movie. Questions to follow tomorrow. Work on Sketchup Assignment #1 and turn in any and all Korb assignments.

Tuesday-Answer Movie Questions. Continue work on Sketchup Assignment #1.

Wednesday-Friday. Sketchup Assignment #2 & 3.

Radio Station: Station will be down this week at intermittent times for maintenance and updates.