APRIL 25-29th

Welcome back from spring break!

Computer Applications:

Monday-Book Work EX68-83 is now late. I will not accept after today. EX 13 & EX14.

Tuesday-EX15 & EX16

Wednesday-Current Event-http://www.marketingcharts.com/interactive/cell-phones-key-to-teens-social-lives-47-can-text-with-eyes-closed-6126/

See me for the questions. The survey link is here. Please report any problems with this to me.



Friday-EX17, EX18 and EX19. Monday is the Quiz. Remember the procedure for absolute references and review reading from EX 68-EX83 for the quiz.

Business Startups

Monday-Read page 90-103 in textbook. Then do What do you know on Page 91, What Went Wrong on Page 94, Think About It on Page 96 (1-3), Think about It on Pg. 103 (1-5) and #6 Management on Page 103. THESE MUST BE ANSWERED IN COMPLETE SENTENCE FORMAT!

Tuesday-Hand in work from yesterday and review answers. Read Current Event Article:


See me for the related questions.

Wednesday-Review Current Event Answers.

Thursday-Due to flood day, we will finish the discussion of the book exercises and move on to the current event. This is due tomorrow. 

 Friday-Discussion of current event and if time permits, I will upload the financial workbook.


April 11-15th

Computer Apps

Monday-Finish EX 9, 10 & 11-DO NOT GO AHEAD!

Tuesday-Hand back and Review Test. Discussion of last week’s current event.

Wednesday-EX10-12 are due by tomorrow. I will answer any questions and work with those who don’t understand the absolute reference concepts.

Thursday-EX10-12 are due today! Textbook-Read EX68-EX83. Complete the vocabulary, multiple choice and fill in the blank. You must type these out to receive full credit. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ACTUALLY READ THE MATERIAL, YOU WILL SEE IT ON THE TEST.

Friday-TBA. Textbook work is due today!

Business Startups

Monday-Business Plan Work and Check-In

Tuesday-Current Event Article. http://www.usatoday.com/money/smallbusiness/2010-09-10-growing-your-small-business_N.htm

Questions are due tomorrow.

Wednesday-Handback and Discussion of Test. Discussion of Current Event.

Thursday-Business Plan Check In and Evaluation.


Radio Station-I need a volunteer to put together a PSA for Boot Cancer.

April 4-8th

Computer Apps:

Monday-ALL EX PROJECTS (UP TO #6) ARE DUE TOMORROW LATESTLast week’s current event is due today! When finished, you are to read from the textbook pages EX35-EX63. Then do Vocabulary Review, Multiple Choice, Fill In the Blank. TYPE THESE OUT!

Tuesday-Discussion of Current Event. Then read new current event on netiquette and  see me for questions.


Wednesday-Work on Current Event. If finished, complete EX 7 & EX8.

Thursday-Finish EX 7 & EX8. Re-read the material from Monday. There will be a test tomorrow.

Friday-TEST! When finished, complete EX 9 & EX10.


Monday-Complete Business Monday Assignment. Get  your source material from the Wall Street Journals that I have provided to you. This will be due tomorrow.

Tuesday-Hand in Business Monday Assignment. Move to Textbook and Read pages 78-82. Complete Think About it #1 Activity on Page 82. Also complete the Review of Your Knowledge Assignment on pages 85-86 and #20 on Apply What you Learned on Page 86.  

Wednesday: Hand in Assignment and Review Answers. When finished, work on your Business Plan.

Thursday: Business Plan Work.

Friday: Test over material covered earlier in week.

March 28-April 1 2011

Computer Applications:

End of Tuesday will be the last day that I accept any Word (WD) projects. We are moving on to Excel starting today. BELOW IS THE SCHEDULE, DO NOT GO AHEAD OF ASSIGNED WORK!

Monday-Intro to Excel Presentation. When finished with this, you will do EX 1 and EX2.

Tuesday-Textbook (Story and Walls) Read Pages EX 3-EX30. If you need to read this at home, you may borrow a textbook.  You are to then complete, the vocabulary, the multiple choice (WRITE THESE OUT) and fill in the blank (WRITE THESE OUT). You are to then email this to me.

Wednesday-Current Event: The Wired World-See Me for Questions


Thursday-Quick Review for Quiz. EX 3 and EX4

Friday-Short Excel Quiz. EX 5 and EX6


Business Startups:

Monday-Start Formal Business Plan Work.

Tuesday-Research for Guest Speaker (via Skype) for tomorrow.

Wednesday-Guest Speaker.

Thursday-Develop questions for tomorrow’s guest speaker and then Formal Business Plan Work.

Friday-Guest Speaker.

Radio Station: All PSA’s should be done by now. If you have not finished them, you will be taken off air until they have been done or you have spoken with Chapin or I. Also, DJ bio’s were due last week. Get them in now!

March 21-24

Computer Applications:

Monday-Current Event: http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2010-09-16-social-networking_N.htm?csp

See me for the questions.

Tuesday-Read WD 99-WD120 in textbook. Complete Vocab, Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank. Also do Project WD 4-3 on Page WD127 of the text. You will see this on your test on Thursday.

Wednesday-Finishing Word. Projects WD 38, WD 39 and WD 40. All are due by next Monday, no exceptions.

Thursday-Test. If finished with test early, please read the first five pages of the EX work in the textbook. We will be starting Excel on Monday.

Business Startups:

Monday-Business Monday Assignments. Please have these ready to turn in tomorrow.

Tuesday-Return Test and Review Answers.


Become Familiar with The 5 C’s listed on page 63. Be able to discuss them intelligently in class. Read pages 63-77. Complete Think About It on page 77, Also complete # 5-Communication on the Academic Connections section on page 77.This is due tomorrow!

Also, please read this article:http://www.usatoday.com/tech/columnist/kimkomando/2011-03-11-komando-facebook_N.htm

Thursday-Discussion of Assignment, Link from yesterday  and the Formal Business Plan Begins.

Radio Station-PSA ‘s are due this week!

March 14-18th

Computer Applications:

Monday-All Current Event Assignments from last week must be turned in today. I will not accept them after today at 3:30. We will have a discussion of the topic tomorrow (Tuesday). IF you finish, please continue working on the Word Exercises. WD 32 & WD 33 are where you should be at by the end of today.

Tuesday-Discussion of Current Event. When finished, work on WD 34-WD35

Wednesday-Continuing exercises. All students should at least have completed up to WD33 by now.

Thursday-WD 36-WD37. If finished, please work on Story and Walls Textbook. Read WD 63-94. Finish Definitions, Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Friday-Story and Walls textbook work today.If finished with the defs, mc and fitb, Please do Project WD3-1 found on page WD96 of textbook.

Business Startups

Monday-Continue work on the online business plan tool. Check in for progress. Take Wall Street Journal home today and read assigned article. Be prepared to discuss tomorrow.

Tuesday-Discussion of Wall Street Journal article. Possible continuance of work with online tool.

Also, look at this article on the art of the pitch : http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20110314/BUSINESS03/110312018/Make-your-best-pitch-count

Wednesday-Entrepreneurship Textbook Work. Read pages 40-56. When finished, complete Vocabulary Builder on page 57, Review Your Knowledge on Page 57. Apply what you learned #23 on Page 58 and What Would You Do on Page 59. This is due tomorrow.

Thursday-Discussion of assigned work. Review for Test tomorrow. Review all highlighted terms in text as well as any notes you have taken.


Radio Station: Activity Period Meeting in Business Lab this Friday during 6th Period.

March 8-11

Computer Applications:

Tuesday-Quiz has been moved to tomorrow. Please make sure that you have finished the definitions, multiple choice and fill in the blank from last week if you have not done so already. They are due today. If you have finished, please review the material for the quiz tomorrow. THIS WILL NOT BE AN OPEN NOTE QUIZ! After reviewing, please complete WD30.

Wednesday-Quiz and WD 31 when done.

Thursday-Current Event. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/gaming/2010-10-28-1Aviolentvideogames28_CV_N.htm?csp=Tech


Friday-Review of material from quiz and catch up day.

Business Startups:

Tuesday-Discussion of preliminary business plan exercise from page 31.

Wednesday-Begin Use of Business Plan tool. This can be found at:



Thursday-Continue Business Plan tool.

Friday-Possible Guest Speaker. Plan on first  Business Monday Assignment. These are naturally due on Monday by whoever receives the first assignment. There will be no second chances or extensions on these.