May 2-May 6th

Computer Apps:

Monday-Quiz. When finished, you are to complete EX20.

Tuesday-Textbook.Read EX87-EX104. Complete the Vocabulary. Write out the Multiple Choice and The Fill in the Blank.

Wednesday-EX21 and EX22

Thursday-Handback and Review Quiz. See me for Cell Phone Usage Assignment. When you have finished that, move to EX23.

Friday-Current Event:

See me for the accompanying questions.

Business Startups:

Monday-Business Plan Work. Also check and verify that you received the financials spread sheet in your email.

Tuesday-Trip to Career Fair.

Wednesday-Quiz over material from last week.

Thursday-Read page 104-117. Complete Be Your Own Boss on Page 107, Spreadsheet Exercise on Page 111 and Think Critically on Page 117.

Friday-Discussion over last night’s homework.  Both flyers and spreadsheets must be turned in today.