April 4-8th

Computer Apps:

Monday-ALL EX PROJECTS (UP TO #6) ARE DUE TOMORROW LATESTLast week’s current event is due today! When finished, you are to read from the textbook pages EX35-EX63. Then do Vocabulary Review, Multiple Choice, Fill In the Blank. TYPE THESE OUT!

Tuesday-Discussion of Current Event. Then read new current event on netiquette and  see me for questions.


Wednesday-Work on Current Event. If finished, complete EX 7 & EX8.

Thursday-Finish EX 7 & EX8. Re-read the material from Monday. There will be a test tomorrow.

Friday-TEST! When finished, complete EX 9 & EX10.


Monday-Complete Business Monday Assignment. Get  your source material from the Wall Street Journals that I have provided to you. This will be due tomorrow.

Tuesday-Hand in Business Monday Assignment. Move to Textbook and Read pages 78-82. Complete Think About it #1 Activity on Page 82. Also complete the Review of Your Knowledge Assignment on pages 85-86 and #20 on Apply What you Learned on Page 86.  

Wednesday: Hand in Assignment and Review Answers. When finished, work on your Business Plan.

Thursday: Business Plan Work.

Friday: Test over material covered earlier in week.