March 28-April 1 2011

Computer Applications:

End of Tuesday will be the last day that I accept any Word (WD) projects. We are moving on to Excel starting today. BELOW IS THE SCHEDULE, DO NOT GO AHEAD OF ASSIGNED WORK!

Monday-Intro to Excel Presentation. When finished with this, you will do EX 1 and EX2.

Tuesday-Textbook (Story and Walls) Read Pages EX 3-EX30. If you need to read this at home, you may borrow a textbook.  You are to then complete, the vocabulary, the multiple choice (WRITE THESE OUT) and fill in the blank (WRITE THESE OUT). You are to then email this to me.

Wednesday-Current Event: The Wired World-See Me for Questions

Thursday-Quick Review for Quiz. EX 3 and EX4

Friday-Short Excel Quiz. EX 5 and EX6


Business Startups:

Monday-Start Formal Business Plan Work.

Tuesday-Research for Guest Speaker (via Skype) for tomorrow.

Wednesday-Guest Speaker.

Thursday-Develop questions for tomorrow’s guest speaker and then Formal Business Plan Work.

Friday-Guest Speaker.

Radio Station: All PSA’s should be done by now. If you have not finished them, you will be taken off air until they have been done or you have spoken with Chapin or I. Also, DJ bio’s were due last week. Get them in now!