March 21-24

Computer Applications:

Monday-Current Event:

See me for the questions.

Tuesday-Read WD 99-WD120 in textbook. Complete Vocab, Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank. Also do Project WD 4-3 on Page WD127 of the text. You will see this on your test on Thursday.

Wednesday-Finishing Word. Projects WD 38, WD 39 and WD 40. All are due by next Monday, no exceptions.

Thursday-Test. If finished with test early, please read the first five pages of the EX work in the textbook. We will be starting Excel on Monday.

Business Startups:

Monday-Business Monday Assignments. Please have these ready to turn in tomorrow.

Tuesday-Return Test and Review Answers.


Become Familiar with The 5 C’s listed on page 63. Be able to discuss them intelligently in class. Read pages 63-77. Complete Think About It on page 77, Also complete # 5-Communication on the Academic Connections section on page 77.This is due tomorrow!

Also, please read this article:

Thursday-Discussion of Assignment, Link from yesterday  and the Formal Business Plan Begins.

Radio Station-PSA ‘s are due this week!