March 14-18th

Computer Applications:

Monday-All Current Event Assignments from last week must be turned in today. I will not accept them after today at 3:30. We will have a discussion of the topic tomorrow (Tuesday). IF you finish, please continue working on the Word Exercises. WD 32 & WD 33 are where you should be at by the end of today.

Tuesday-Discussion of Current Event. When finished, work on WD 34-WD35

Wednesday-Continuing exercises. All students should at least have completed up to WD33 by now.

Thursday-WD 36-WD37. If finished, please work on Story and Walls Textbook. Read WD 63-94. Finish Definitions, Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Friday-Story and Walls textbook work today.If finished with the defs, mc and fitb, Please do Project WD3-1 found on page WD96 of textbook.

Business Startups

Monday-Continue work on the online business plan tool. Check in for progress. Take Wall Street Journal home today and read assigned article. Be prepared to discuss tomorrow.

Tuesday-Discussion of Wall Street Journal article. Possible continuance of work with online tool.

Also, look at this article on the art of the pitch :

Wednesday-Entrepreneurship Textbook Work. Read pages 40-56. When finished, complete Vocabulary Builder on page 57, Review Your Knowledge on Page 57. Apply what you learned #23 on Page 58 and What Would You Do on Page 59. This is due tomorrow.

Thursday-Discussion of assigned work. Review for Test tomorrow. Review all highlighted terms in text as well as any notes you have taken.


Radio Station: Activity Period Meeting in Business Lab this Friday during 6th Period.