Return from Winter Break

Computer Applications:

All necessary clip art and pictures can be found in the DataFiles for Students folder.

Wednesday-Catch up day. If finished, move on to WD 27 & 28.

Thursday-WD 29 & WD 30. These will be late after Tuesday of next week.

Friday-Work in the Story and Walls Textbook. Read pages WD32-WD59. Then, complete vocab, multiple choice and fill in the blank. Email to me when finished. This is due at the end of class on Monday.  Quiz on Tuesday of next week.

Business Startups:

Wednesday-Discussion of article posted for reading before break. Go back into archives if needed to find it.

Thursday-Page 31 Business Plan from book.

Friday-Completion of Page 31. Individual discussions when completed. Look for guest speaker next week.

Radio Station: New Schedules will be up by end of school on Wednesday.