February 14th-18th

Computer Applications:

Monday-A reminder that all work up to WD19 must be turned in by today to avoid late penalties. Once you have done this, move on to WD 20 & WD21. IF YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD TEMPLATES OR CLIP ART FOR ASSIGNMENTS, YOU MUST LET ME KNOW!

Tuesday-WD 22 & WD23

Wednesday-Current Event-


See me for the questions

Thursday-Finish Current Event and submit by end of today.

Friday- WD24 & WD26

DO NOT DO WD 25!!!!!

Business Startups:

Monday-Brief discussion of draft ideas for business. Hand out of Entrepreneurship Possibilities worksheet.

Tuesday-Finish Entrepreneurship Possibilities, hand in and discuss.

Wednesday-Read Pages 16-25 in Text. Complete Checkpoint on Page 17. Conduct a brief analysis of your business idea using the 6 questions at the bottom of page 18. Complete Think About It Questions on Page 20 and Page 25. Also answer #4 from Problem Solving on Page #25. These will be due at the beginning of class tomorrow. Be prepared to hand in and discuss.

Thursday-Discussion of Last Night’s Assignment. Also, please read and be familiar with the following idea:


Friday-Movie/Media TBA.

RADIO STATION: Meeting after school on Tuesday the 15th. Possible follow up meeting during activity period on Friday.