February 7th-11th

Computer Apps:

Monday-Catchup Day. Current Event from Thursday of last week is due today at the end of class. Again, see me for the questions.

Tuesday-WD 12 & 13.

Wednesday-WD 14-16

Thursday-Quiz over Word material. When finished, please move on to WD 17

Friday-WD18-19. All of the WD exercises up to WD 19 are due by end of class, on Monday.

Business Startups:

Monday: Review of the SBA questions and literature. Remember to research ACT 250 for discussion on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Entrepreneurship kick-off day at the State House. Leave at 8:30 A.M. with a return time of 3:30 p.m. Dress in business attire.

Wednesday: Impressions of state house visit discussion, Act 250 discussion. Entrepreneur characteristics discussion.

Thursday: Read pages 10-15 in textbook. Answer checkpoint #1 on top of page 12, What Went Wrong-Think Critically Questions, Checkpoint on page 15 and Think About It 1.2 Assessment. Be prepared to discuss tomorrow.

Friday: First draft of your business idea work. We will discuss the format in class.

Radio: Possible meeting this Friday. Stay tuned (no pun intended).