January 24-28

Computer Apps:

Monday-Read and review syllabus and expecations. Sign and hand back by tomorrow. Complete assignment WD1

Tuesday-Complete Assignments WD2&WD3

Wednesday-Grab a Story and Walls textbook from the back of the room. Read GS1-GS22. When finished, complete vocabulary, multiple choice and fill in the blanks on pages GS21-GS22

Thursday-Finish  yesterday’s assignment. When finished, email to me and move on to WD4 & WD5

Friday-Current Event: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2009-08-24-online-tweet-twitter_N.htm?csp=DailyBriefing

See me for the questions that correspond to this article. YOU MUST ANSWER THIS IN COMPLETE SENTENCE FORMAT! 12 point font and double spaced. This is due on Monday.

Business Startups:

Monday-Handout and review of expectations of class. Drop/Add schedule can be found on school website.

Tuesday-Continue work on first essay. This is due tomorrow. 12 point, double spaced. When finished, please read the following article and be ready to discuss in class:

Wednesday-We will discuss your essays and the article from yesterday. Participation is key.
Thursday-Review and discussion of yesterday’s current event. You will then receive the resume assignment. Put together a resume.  You will bring your resume to class.
Friday-Critique of resume both with class and instructor. Prep for Monday’s class where you will interview with me in front of the class. DRESS FORMALLY FOR MONDAY!