January 10-14th 2011

Personal Finance:

GREAT ARTICLE ON AVOIDING IDENTITY THEFT THROUGH YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS! There is no assignment attached, but I recommend that you read it:


Monday-Quiz over Stocks. Begin the Virtual Stock Market Game.


Tuesday-Each class this week will allow at least 15 minutes for trading at the beginning of class. Following this, we move on to the day’s activity. Today we will discuss ethical stock purchasing.

Wednesday-Moved due to School Activity

Thursday-Assess and trade in portfolio. You must have at least 12 trades to be considered active. Receive graded assignments for insertion in your binder. Read pages 38-40 in the NEFE wkbk. Complete Unit Assessment 3-1. This is due at the end of class tomorrow. USE THE CHECKLIST AS A GUIDELINE. THE ASSIGMENT MUST BE WRITTEN IN MICROSOFT WORD! THE REQUIRED LENGTH IS TWO PAGES!

Friday-Finish Unit Assessment and Turn In.  Stock Report-Out.

Computer Apps: The following assignments are due by Tuesday, the 18th of next week

Monday-PPT13 and PPT14

Tuesday-PPT15 and PPT16

Wednesday-PPT17 and PPT18

Thursday-PPT19 and PPT20

Friday-Review for Midterm and PPT 22

You must have completed PPT’s up to #22 by Tuesday the 18th of next week!

Radio Station: Please make the meeting this Friday during Activity Period. School Wide Survey goes live on January 11th. Radio staff are exempt from this.