December 13-17th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Working on Credit Card Design.

Tuesday-Finishing Credit Card Design. These are due at the end of class today. Please print any material that you have in conjunction with this.

Wednesday-Discussion of the income sensitivity link from last week. Everybody is expected to participate in this discussion. Go back to last week’s entry if needed. THIS STORY IS 48 MINUTES LONG. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO DO THIS FOR HOMEWORK IF YOU CAN’T LISTEN DURING CLASS.

Thursday-Advertising and Marketing Unit Begins.

Friday-Introduction to classification of advertising and first assignment.

Computer Applications

Monday-Finish Facebook discussion and viewing.


Wednesday-EX 20 & 21

Thursday-EX 22 & 23

Friday-EX 24 & EX25

Radio Station: Lock-in will take place on the 17th. Please remember to bring signed consent forms, your pledge sheet and any funds you have collected.