Week of November 29th

Personal Finance: Your Checkbook Workbooks are now late. Get them in or continue to lose points.

Monday-NEFE Workbook-Read All of Chapter 4. Compete Assignments: 4-1, 4-C and 4-H

Tuesday-Lecture-Credit Card Usage-Take Notes. You will have a quiz next Monday. 

Wednesday-Credit Card Lecture Continues

Thursday-Complete Fixed Vs. Variable. Fixed vs. Variable Assignment. This is done by going through your Union Bank Checkbook Booklet and identifying the fixed and variable expenses. Please list these by typing them up in Microsoft Word. You can make one column for fixed expenses and another for variable expenses. This will be due by tomorrow.

Friday-Begin watching movie-Maxed Out.

Computer Apps:

Monday-Finish Pirates movie

Tuesday-Complete Pirates questions and move on to EX project 11.

Wednesday-EX Projects 11&12

Thursday-In Textbook: Read EX68-82. Complete Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank. Due Today.

Friday-Open Book Quiz. When finished, complete EX Project 13 and email to me.

Radio Station-Please help with the survey and we will begin our lock in drive.