November 1-5

Personal Finance:

Monday-Today will largely be used as a catch-up day. Please make sure that you complete the reading assigned to you in the insurance binder on Friday along with the exercises.

Tuesday-Discussion of Insurance Binder. Assignment of reading in CheckBook Workbook. Review of material that will be given on  quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday-Quiz. When finished with quiz, please quietly read Pages 10-11 of checkbook workbook.

Thursday-The theme of Keeping Up With the Joneses will run through the movie that you will be watching for today and Friday.

Friday-Movie Continued. Please see instructor for accompanying questions.

Computer Apps:

Monday-Test over Word Concepts we have been studying from day one.

Tuesday-Introduction to Excel Concepts and first exercise-EX1

Wednesday-Finish Excel Exercise and read in Story and Walls Textbook. Read Pages EX4-EX16. On EX 3 you will see a list of vocab words that need to be defined and emailed to me. This is due by end of class Thursday.

Thursday-Turn in Story and Walls work as well as complete Excel exercise EX2.

Friday-Current Event.

See sub for questions.

Radio Station: Each radio member must have a minimum of two liners or drops done by November 11th. Failure to do so will result in possible suspension from broadcasting. Please see Kyle/Chapin for intro to Garage Band if you are not familiar with it yet.