Short Week October 18-20

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish Mock Lease: Due Tomorrow. When finished, go to Chapter 3 in the insurance workbook, read Chapter 3 and complete Workbook activity 3.2

Tuesday-Auto Insurance Discussion. Read through NEFE wkbk Unit 6, beginning on page 79.

Wednesday-NEFE Wkbk: What do you think on page 80, Exercise 6A on page 81, Exercise 6C , 6D and Exercise 6-2

Computer Apps:

Monday-WD 32-34 due Wednesday

Tues-Finishing WD 32-34. If you have finished, go on to WD 35-38

Wed-WD 32-34 are due today, no exceptions. Move on to the next set of assignments.

All assignments must be emailed to me by close of school day Wednesday to avoid a late penalty.

Radio Station: We will be cleaning out the Podcast studio for a brief time after school on Monday. Any help would be appreciated.