October 11-15th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Makeup Day

Tuesday-NECAPS will prevent class today.

Wednesday-Discussion of insurance terminology and concepts from insurance workbook. Discussion of current event if time permits.

Thursday: Rental terminology, renters rights and responsibilities, landlord/tenant agreements discussion.

Friday:  Quiz over rental material and Insurance Material. Handout of Mock Lease.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Make up Day.

Tuesday-28 & 29 are due today. Please turn in current event and definitions if you have not done so already. As a reminder, the definitions assignment was given to you last week. Here it is again, it will be late after today: In textbook, you are to read Lesson 3 (WD 63-94). Expect to see a skills/concepts  test Thursday on the concepts covered in these pages. When finished, define the vocabulary on page 94 and complete the multiple choice and fill in the blank exercises. Email them to me when finished.

Wednesday-Assignment of 30-31. These are due by Friday.

Thursday-Work on WD 30-31

Friday-Finishing 30-31 and quiz

Radio Station:

Please start to use PSA forms for tech center this week as well as stressing the October 21st School/Community events.