Monday October 4-8

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finishing Apartment Rental Exercise. Due by Wednesday latest.

Tuesday-Due to NECAP scheduling, there will not be a 4th period Personal Finance Class Today.

Wednesday-Review of Chapter 7 concepts and exercises. Lecture on renting, rent terminology and renter/landlord rights.

Thursday-Insurance Binders are handed out. Please label them with your names and turn in once you have finished assigned readings and work. For today: Read Introduction/Chapter 1 Section. Complete Quick Quiz 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. When finished, please read Chapter 2-Managing Risk and complete Quick Quiz 2.1 and 2.2. These are to be handed in by the end of class on Friday the 8th of October. YOU WILL BE SEEING THE TERMS AND CONCEPTS COVERED HERE ON A FUTURE QUIZ!

Friday-Current Event.

Please see instructor for corresponding questions. This is due by the end of class on Monday.

Comp Apps:

Monday-Working on WD 20-23, due on Tuesday.

Tuesday-WD 20-23 is due today! When completed, you are to emai lthem to me and move on to WD 24-27, which is due tomorrow.

Wednesday-Thursday In textbook, you are to read Lesson 3 (WD 63-94). Expect to see a skills test next week on the concepts covered in these pages. When finished, define the vocabulary on page 94 and complete the multiple choice and fill in the blank exercises. Email them to me when finished.

Thursday-Working on textbook assignment. These are due by the end of class Friday. When finished, please move on to WD 28 & 29.

Friday-WD 28&29 are due today. After you have finished and emailed them to me, you are to move on to the current event.,0,6046668.story

See instructor for questions that correspond to it.