September 20-24th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Work on Auto Buying Exercise, it is due tomorrow.

Tuesday-Finish Auto Buying Exercise and Finish Presentation on Gratification and Goals.

Wednesday-NEFE Wkbk is given out. Complete First Exercises:

Read pages 1-9. Complete Exercises 1A, 1B, 1C, 1-1

Thursday-Current Event with Questions. Found at:

Friday-Turn in Current Event and move on to Grocery Shopping Exercise.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Current Event Discussion. Work on WD 13-16, these exercises are due at the end of class tomorrow.

Tuesday-Finish WD 13-16

Wednesday-Reading and Vocabulary from Textbook.

Thursday-WD 17-19. Due tomorrow.

Friday-Finish WD 17-19 and move on to Current Event.

Found Here:



Radio Station: New Schedule to be up by Wednesday. Music suggestion list due by Friday.