Sept 13th-17th 2010


Monday-Finish the interview follow up assignment, it is due tomorrow. When finished, please see me for the application. This will be due on Wednesday.

Tuesday-Lecture over EOE and types of individuals as they pertain to finance.

Wednesday-Lecture covering  types of people. 

Thursday-Get Salaries and put together budget in excel following the template.

Friday-Quiz, Finish Goal Presentation, Binder Check, Possible Start to Auto Buying Exercise.


Monday-Complete Current Event. The link to the article can be found on last week’s post. See me for questions.

Tuesday-Discussion of Current Event. Work on Projects 10-12 and email them to me.

Wednesday-Reading in Story and Walls textbook. Review for quiz tomorrow over procedures for MS Word.

Thursday-Quiz.When finished, please begin projects 13-16. These will be due on Monday.

Friday-Current Event Discussion. Work on Projects 13-16. Finish and turn in projects and email them to me by end of class Monday.

Radio Station: We are back up and running!