September 7th-10th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Labor Day-No School

Tuesday-Cover Letters should be finished and submitted in Draft form today. When finished, please read the following article and answer the questions in complete sentence, 12 point, double spaced paragraph form.

Questions are here:

Wednesday-Lecture and Family Work History Assignment

Thursday-Finishing Family History Assignment. Hand out of mock application and expectations for interviews tomorrow.

Friday-Mock Interviews. BRING YOUR RESUME!

Computer Applications:

Tuesday-Finishing Exercises 4-6 today, email when finished.

Wednesday-Read WD 4-WD9. REad through Step by Step WD 1.2 and Step by Step WD 1.2 and WD 1.3.

Thursday-Finish Word Projects 7-9 and email.

Friday-Current Event. Please read this article and see me for the corresponding questions. If you still have not finished 7-9, please get it to me by today.