June 1-4th

Computer Applications:

All work up to Supplementary Project # 69 must be turned in by Thursday. Following this, you are to see me for your first assignments in the technology that you chose.

Personal Finance:

Tuesday-Finish presentations for credit card design. Handout of Walmart questions.

Wednesday-Intro to Stocks and Bonds. Competition for Marketwatch begins.

Thursday-Work on Marketwatch competition. Nefe Workbook assignments.


ALSO DO NEFE WKBOOK EXERCISES 3B, 3-1 and 3D. They are due on Monday.

Friday-Marketwatch competition and begin viewing of Enron movie.

Please reference this handy compound interest calculator when trying to forecast potential earnings for investments with a fixed interest rate and years.


Radio Station-Station will be closed until further notice and run on automation while technical work and internal fixes are implemented. Thanks for all your assistance this year.