May 10-14th

All classes,  a reminder that the marking period ends this Friday. If you owe me work, get it to me immediately. It will probably be marked late, but some points are better than a zero. See me for questions.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Project 50 and step 5.1

Tuesday-Wednesday-Projects 51 & 52

Thursday-Projects 53 &54

Friday-Current Event-There are two of them, so please read both. See sub for questions.

Personal Finance:

Monday-Start of Maxed Out Movie

Tuesday-Finishing Movie

Wednesday-Lecture-Credit Cards. Also finish Maxed Out Questions, they are due by Friday.

Thursday-Lecture continues. Review standard credit card language and complete Maxed Out Questions.


NEFE Workbook-Read pages 41-58. Expect a quiz Tuesday. Please complete exercises 4-1 on page 45, 4c on page 46 and Exercise 4H.

Quiz  will be over material from lecture and in Nefe wkbk. Also complete credit card comparison exercise.

Radio Station-Please make sure all pledges have been turned in.