May 3rd-7th

Computer Applications:

Monday-Depending on which class, Quiz over basic Excel functions. Step by Step 2.1 and 2.2 and Project 46.

Tuesday-If you are in Period 1, you will take your quiz. When finished, complete Step by Step 3.1 and 3.2 as well as Project 47

Wednesday-Elf Exercise. Please turn in by tomorrow.

Thursday-Project 48 and Step by Step 4.1

Friday-Project 49.  Then, Fast Food Fun Exercise. Link is here:

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish Current Event and turn in. When finished, please see me for Internet Advertising Assignment.

Tuesday-Finish Internet Advertising Assignment. Due tomorrow, please be ready to present in front of class.


Thursday-EverFi day. Postponed until Friday.

Friday-Everfi moved to today due to culmination of presentations yesterday. Advertising quiz over persuasive techniques and motivations on Tuesday.

Radio Station: Remember that this Friday at 7 P. M. will be our inaugural Broadcast-A-Thon. This will go until 7AM. Please see me for pledge sheets and permission slips. All pledges must be turned in by Friday at 7PM.