April 5-9th 2010

Computer Applications:

Monday: Critical thinking piece is due tomorrow. It is found on page 127 in the workbook. Read pages 131-134. Complete Step By Step 1.1 and Project 29.

Tuesday: Step by Step 2.1 & 2.2. Also complete Project 30.

Wednesday: Read pages 145-148. Project 31. Pay particular attention to placement of tables, row width and height.

Thursday-Step by Step 4.1 and Project 32

Friday-Current Event-See me for questions


Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish and turn in Capitalism questions today. I will not accept after 3:05. Discussion of film and terminology. These terms will be seen on a future quiz, so I recommend taking notes.

Tuesday-Checkbook maintenance and Excel budget modification to reflect changes. Some amounts will be given, some will require research for the best deal. Read NEFE workbook pages 59-65. Do exercises 5A, 5B (you will need to search the internet for this) and 5C-Sample Deposit Form.

Wednesday-Check writing exercises and introduction to Ever-Fi.

Thursday-We begin our unit on advertising, ad psychology, consumer behavior and buying decisions.Also, here is an interactive check, please study it and be familiar with it as we will be writing checks from your spreadsheet budget:


Friday-Quiz over checking account terminology and capitalism. Study pages 59-65 plus any notes you have hopefully taken.

Radio: Keep collecting those pledges. We are moving the lock-in one week back to May 7th. See me for permission slips.