March 29th-April 2

Computer Apps:

All work through Project 25 on page 119 must be turned in by Wednesday.

Monday: Supplementary Projects 26 and 27.

Tuesday: Current Event-Please see me for questions

This deals with the new literacy.

Wednesday: Supplementary Project 28.

Thursday-Monday of Next Week: Please complete the Critical Thinking assignment from page 127. This must be two pages and double spaced.

If you finish early, please see me for next assignment(s).

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish Movie and start discussion.

Tuesday-All grocery exercises must be turned in by today. Further discussion of movie.

Wednesday: Hand out of Insurance Workbooks. Discussion and First Assignments.

Thursday: Complete first Insurance Workbook Assignments.

Friday: Current Event TBA.

Radio Station: Please make sure you have a copy of the Pledge Sheet for our fundraiser. If you need one, see either myself or Chapin.