March 15-19

Computer Applications

Monday: Complete Projects 18 & 19

Tuesday: Step by Step 4.1 and Project 20. Please pay attention to margins, cropping, inline pictures, floating pictures and the Wrapping Tool.

Wednesday: Current Event

See me for questions

Here is a sister article which should also be read for class discussion:

Also,  Review for tomorrow’s quiz. Current Event is due by end of class Friday.

Thursday: Quiz. Project 21.

Friday: Turn in Current Event and work on Project 22.

Personal Finance:

Monday: Please use today to complete your budget in Excel if you have not done so already. When done, please move on to the Apartment Exercise. It is due at the end of class tomorrow.

Tuesday: Finish Apartment Exercise and receive Sample Lease for modification.

Wednesday: Rental Terms lecture and work on Sample Lease.

Thursday: Write Lease. Current Event has been postponed until tomorrow.

Friday: Quiz over rental terminology. Current Event TBA.


I would recommend that any student who can make it to UFC fighter Tom Murphy’s speech on the 25th during Period 6 in the HS auditorium to go. Here is a quick bio of Tom: