Welcome Back-Short Week

Computer Applications:

Wednesday-Read page 59. Do Step by Step 10.1, Project 11 and Supplementary Project 12

Thursday-Supplementary Project 13 and 14. Both are due Tuesday of next week.

Friday-Current Event-Please see me for questions. There is no link to an article this week.

Personal Finance:

Wednesday-All automobile exercises are due tomorrow.

Thursday-Introduction to Insurance. Lecture and followed by exercises. Late penalties for Auto Exercises at a rate of 20 points per day start accruing today. After Friday you will receive a zero for this.

Friday-NEFE Wkbook. Read pages 79-85. Do What Do You Think, Exercise 6A, 6C, 6D and 6-2, This will be due on Monday at the end of class. Please remember the Quiz on Wednesday will cover all material from this portion of the workbook as well as our class lectures on insurance.

Radio Station: Station was down over break. Resume broadcasting as normal and insert pre-recorded Garage Band Station ID’s. You may use the main broadcast mac to do this. If you need to take the station off-air to accomplish this, please do and then restart.