February 8-12

Comp Apps:

Monday-Lesson 4: Read pages 27-30. Do Step by Step 4.1, 4.2 and Project 4.

Tuesday-Last day to turn in Friday’s Current Event; Read pages 35-37. Do Step by Step 5.1 and Project 5.

Wednesday-Review of concepts. Expect a quiz tomorrow over lessons 3-Lesson 5. When finished, do Step by Step 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3. Do not go ahead.

Thursday-Quiz. Do Project 6. Read pages 45-46. If finished, do Step by Step 7.1 and 7.2.

Friday-Current Event:

Get questions from sub.


Personal Finance:

Monday-Interview follow up paper is due by Thursday. Family Work History paper is due on Tuesday. If you have finished these assignments, please see me.

Tuesday-Discussion of NEFE workbook exercises from last week, also a look back at the gender pay scales current event from last week. A brief presentation regarding types of financial identities, needs and wants and goal setting will also take place today or tomorrow. After this, move on to other NEFE exercises in Chapter 7 . Do 7D, 7-2, 7-E and 7-F. When finished with this, hand the workbook in.

Wednesday-You will receive your annual salary today. You are to figure your monthly salary today. Remember that this is gross salary (before deductions) and not your net salary.

We will compute this on a 26 pay period basis. A good paycheck calculator can be found at this link:


Thursday-Report your salary computations to me. When finished, move on to the current event:


Please see me or sub for questions.

Friday: Finish and turn in current event by today. If you finish, hand in and see the substitute to start the car buying exercise.

Radio Station: A binder for requests will be kept in Mrs. Cooney’s office for students to write down requested music and songs. This is being done prior to our next purchase of music for the station. Amy or Alec, please collect this binder on Friday.