February 1-5

Computer Applications: Quiz Monday over Chapter 1. Following this, please complete and turn in any work that is owed to me. Wednesday will be the last day that I will accept any work from last week. You may check the earlier posts to remind you of what these were.

Tuesday-Thursday-Word exercise in Black Binder. These are found in the back of the room near our workbooks. Do the first exercise only (Travel Flyer). Remember to use clip art from the web and not from the Word Application.

Friday-Current Event. Link to follow.


Personal Finance: Please complete the application and turn in. If you have not turned in your resume I will not accept them after Wednesday. NEFE Workbook assignment is due on Wednesday.Following this our schedule looks like this:

Tuesday-Current Event Article found at http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-09-02-womenwork_N.htm?csp=DailyBriefing

Questions are here:


Wednesday-Lecture and Family History Assignment

Thursday-Finish and Discuss Family History and prepare for interviews tomorrow.

Friday-Interviews Take Place.You will be expected to dress in business casual clothes. Please no jeans, t-shirts, etc. If you have difficulty with this request, it is your responsibility to see me before Friday.

Also, please take this quick poll from our friends at The Mint.