December 14th-23rd

Personal Finance:

Monday-Finish Current Event and Turn in any missing work.

Tuesday-Advertising Quiz. Entry of Renters and Auto Insurance into checkbooks. Begin discussion of Savings Vehicles.

Wednesday-Saving and Investing. NEFE Workbook. Pages 27-31. Be prepared to discuss this for an active participation grade. Complete exercises 3B, 3-1 and 3C.

Thursday-Turn in NEFE work. Discussion of Rule of 72, Financial Planning Pyramid and Risk vs. Reward

Friday-Current Event:

See me for questions.

Start Stock Market Game. Link is found at

Look for  game name Mapletree. it’s long name is Mapletree Investment Game. This is case sensitive, so make sure you use a capital M.You will need to write down your user name and password and keep it in a safe place. At the conclusion of the game, the winner will receive a prize.

Monday-Provide update on progress of stock market game. Read NEFE workbook pages 32-37 and complete exercises 3D, 3E and Assignment 3-3.



Computer Applications and Cyberculture:

Monday-Quiz. When finished, please complete any missing work from the previous week and move on to Project 67

Tuesday-Supplementary Project 68

Wednesday-Supplementary Project 69

Thursday-Catchup Day and you are to begin Google Sketchup. Go to the Self Paced Tutorials, Introduction. Once you have finished this, open up Help, Video Tutorials and do New to Google Sketchup. Finish the first three videos in this section.

Friday-Current Event

See me for Questions.

Monday-Work on First Sketchup Project.

Tuesday-Possible Movie/Sketchup Projects


RADIO: Please, Please Please, put together some liners. You may create them on the main broadcast computer if this helps.