Personal Finance: Monday will be your last day to finish any last minute adjustments to your credit card. Tuesday and part of Wednesday will be for presentations. You will have 5-10 minutes per presentation. Please be prepared and ready to answer questions. Following presentations, we will segueway into the changing face of the credit industry and what practices are being reviewed. Expect to move into the science of retail on Thursday and Friday and also questions that deal with this current event:


Computer Applications: We continue our exploration of Excel. Please check your formulas that you write through the Korb exercises. We have only scratched the surface. Here is this week’s schedule:

Monday: Project 52, Step by Step 6.1

Tuesday:Projects 53 &54

Wednesday: End of Chapter Spreadsheet book Quiz on page 257. Supplementary Project 55

Thursday: Current Event


(Due Friday) and Supplementary Project 57, Step by Step 1.1.

Friday: Fix my data exercise and Projects 58 & 59.

Radio Station: Check the posted roster on the doors. Anyone whose name is not on the list will not be allowed access to the station. Also, you are to start using Garage Band to put together podcasts for the station. These will include generic liners and psa’s as well as music and station id’s after every three songs.